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Recent posts by Laxmikant Kumbhare

Hello there,

I want a method (or some functionality) to be executed after my web application starts (context loaded). I am using spring 3.0 as framework.

I tried using ServletContextListener which I implemented in my class

my listener class

and part of web.xml is

but its not printing that message.....

Please help me....
12 years ago

I am using jamod.jar library...

I am using comm.jar as communication API on win xp 32 bit...

It gives NoSuchPortException while accessing com2 port.....

Please help .....

Please any body help me in "How to find number of COM Ports available"?

I will be using it on Windows 7......

12 years ago
Please help me in Load balancing of apache tomcat 7.* version on Ubuntu.
12 years ago
I need to convert a decimal number to IEEE 754 half , single, Double precision numbers

I did it for single precision Please help me for half and double precision

code for single what I did is as follows
12 years ago

I have one question in mind!

Does only JSP servlets project without any framework run properly?

I mean if multiple users (lets assume 100 users) use it simultaneously, will it work properly?

I am just using JSP servlets and JDBC but declaring all variables local in JSP and Servlets too.
12 years ago

I am working on one project where I have used JSP and Servlets only. No framework is used.

Now project is about to end if I want to integrate it with spring framework is it possible?

If possible how?

I have used more JSP pages for controlling and very less servlets hardly 3-4.
12 years ago

I need to evaluate the expression. Please help me!


equation is:
a = b + c * d + e / f
I need to print on console

x= c * d
y = e / f
z = b + x
w = z + y
a= w

I separated the expression by splitting string
but after i am confused what to do!

Please help me.
12 years ago
I need low level information about execution of program. suppose how many logical gates are used while executing a code?

How can I get it?

Are there any APIs which provides such classes or information?

12 years ago

Mike Okri wrote:You may also want to take a look at the free JUnique library.

What is it?
12 years ago

John Todd wrote:I really owe a lot to JavaRanch and the amazing staff, one of the most valuable communities ever.

Absolutely right!
12 years ago
Please tell me that

Does servlet have controller?
It really needs it?

If not how it loaded in memory?

if yes then what is purpose of init() method?
12 years ago