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Recent posts by Tim Moores

Creating a MimeMessage and somehow trying to save it is not the right approach. You should extract the text and the attachments and save them separately, using streams for attachments and Readers/Writers for the message content. While saving the message (and when reading it later) you would specify the UTF-8 encoding.
7 hours ago
Is the file supposed to be human-editable? That pretty much rules out XML or JSON, IMO - those formats are meant to be computer-generated. Properties file have the advantage of being widely used and easy to understand. They only support name/value pairs of the box, not structured data - which is sufficient for many purposes but by no means all. So it somewhat depends on what you intend to store in the file.
9 hours ago

is without polish letters

How did you determine that? Note that printing out characters to a console or something similar will often cause accented characters to be printed incorrectly; thus is not a proper test of incorrect data.
13 hours ago
What do you need help with? What do you have so far, and where are you stuck making progress?
13 hours ago
I've had odd things happen in apps of mine when onRestart was being called in the lifecycle rather than onCreate (see https://developer.android.com/guide/components/activities/activity-lifecycle for details). My solution in those cases was to finish the activity in the onRestart handler, and fire an Intent to restart it immediately. Something like this:

1 day ago
The problem as well as a fix for it have been identified, and we hope will be released soon.
5 days ago
That's not how this site works - we don't do all the work for you, but we will help you get there by yourself. So: what do you have so far, and where are you stuck making progress?
1 week ago
The main method is not used by WS. Maybe it's in there as part of test code to be run on the command line, but once deployed on the server, it is not used.

Which WS get deployed depends on annotations in the code and the content of the web.xml file.
1 week ago

Vinny Bhangu wrote:Anyone can please tell us exact reason for rejection  

Shouldn't the message tell you that? If not, check their documentation what it says about permissible code. (Mojo market place isn't exactly a household name, so I doubt many people here will be familiar with its rules.)
Well, if nothing else, guard "mp.stop()" by "if (mp != null)".
1 week ago
Maybe cleanupMediaPlayer has already been called? Either way, calling a method on a null object reference will cause this, so check that mp is not null before calling the method.
1 week ago
Which file did you download, specifically? Post the link.

If you just want the jar file, the latest versions are always available at https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/mysql/mysql-connector-java/
Too bad, but these things happen. It would still be an interesting experiment to upgrade for yourself and see if the problem is easier to tackle (which would make a good point for upgrading).

Can you post the relevant code that shows what you're doing, and describe what's still missing?
What do you mean by "I can't upgrade" - POI has excellent backward compatibility, upgrading should not cause any issues.
Disclaimer: I know POI well, but nothing about its handling of pivot tables.

My first question would be: why use such an old version of POI? Since 3.14, at least 3 changes/enhancements have been made to pivot table handling according to https://poi.apache.org/changes.html, described as "Pivot table enhancements", "Support Table (structured reference) sources in PivotTables" and "XSSFPivotTable::addColumnLabel sets the cell type of a cell outside of the source data area", respectively. While it's not clear that those apply to your situation, it might be worth the effort to try the latest released version.
1 week ago