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Recent posts by Tim Moores

I'm not sure why a bank statement would be different from any other document in this regard, but there is no shortage of free or inexpensive PDF editors out there. Make sure what you're doing is legal - wanting to edit a bank statement sounds fishy.
19 hours ago

Monica Shiralkar wrote:
Reply from superior:

The "Thanks" seems superfluous - what would s/he be thanking for?

Ron McLeod wrote:
Acknowledgement from request originator:

By chat (which is how we most frequently communicate) I'd send that, but not by email - it's not worth having to deal with an email just for that.
2 days ago
"MainActivity" sounds like an Android app - is that what it is? If so, Android does not support AWT or Swing, or any classes in those packages. Start learning about how to print from Android at https://developer.android.com/training/printing/
1 week ago
Fall of 1996, for a class in grad school that taught CGI programming in Perl as well as Java applets.
1 week ago
I generally recommend to use a library to create CSVs. Apache Commons CSV is a good option, as is opencsv. Check out both, and use whatever feels right to you. I prefer Commons CSV, an introduction to which can be found at https://www.baeldung.com/apache-commons-csv
6 months ago
Ah, this is about a JVM running on a client machine, not a server. And the purpose is to prevent a user/client from running Java programs that have NOT been signed by a company developer? In that case, I think you will need to set up the client JVM accordingly (and then make sure that only an admin would be able to change it - and a regular user would hopefully not have admin rights).
6 months ago
By chance, I have an age-old piece of code around that does exactly that. Well, it also writes an image file with the result, but to do that it needs to tweak the Graphics2D to begin with.
6 months ago
"importing" is something you do in code. I assume you have done that in the 2nd app, because otherwise you could not write an app that handles objects of this class.

A ClassNotFoundException, on the other hand, happens at runtime when an app has been compiled with some class used in the code (SchoolData.Teacher in this case), but that class is missing at runtime. You need to add all classes an app uses to the classpath used when it is run.

This app can  extract objects as files and writes on the harddisk.

So the 1st app serializes data in some fashion to files, and the 2nd app deserializes that? Which mechanism are you using for that?
6 months ago

ignaz vanb wrote:


The vulnerability in 4.5 concerns JUnit, and thus should not affect production use.

The vulnerabilities in 5.1 all concern log4j, for which a compatible secure version is available (assuming that you do not use the JNDI and SMTP capabilities, but most people don't).
6 months ago
Hybrid apps have long been past their peak time, since there are better approaches to achieving cross-platform compatibility - solutions like Flutter come to mind.

If you release the app under the same ID then it will be considered the same app. What impact that might have on ratings and downloads obviously depends on the overall quality of the app, which -if done well- is independent of its architecture.
6 months ago
Why do you want to move to a hybrid architecture?
6 months ago
That may be possible, depending on the internet access of your home; search for "DynDNS".
6 months ago
I take it you want to get a textual representation of the chart? Otherwise, JFreeChart can create Gantt charts images.
6 months ago
Yes, the days of free basic Java hosting are long gone.
6 months ago
Traversing a file system each time you want to do a search sounds like a recipe for slow operation (unless the number of files involved is small).

My approach might be to use Apache Lucene to create an index, and then use that for searching.
6 months ago