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Recent posts by Tim Moores

Whenever an activity crashes, the full stack trace is written to the logcat - post it here (NOT the entire content of the logcat, just the relevant bits).
1 day ago
We have freed up the name "John Matthews", so you can change your display name to that.
2 days ago
I think we can find a solution for this. Hang on while the moderators discuss it.
2 days ago
I think that's a question of semantics: GenericServlet handles no protocol specifically, but it handles all protocols because all protocol-dependent classes that extend it inherit its (admittedly rudimentary) code - which is thus used to handle all those protocols.

So I would say GenericServlet implements no protocol, but it handles all of them.
3 days ago

Peter Baumarchais wrote:I am in favour of increased operator support.  That must happen.

Better not to say "it must" because it won't. Guy Steele -one of the principal language designers behind Java- noted that the idea had been discussed and dismissed a long time ago.
3 days ago
I was rooting for Belgium, but I think on that day the better team won. The French side lost sympathies for the blatant (and successful) attempts to take time off the clock late in the game, though. A newspaper here counted that there were less than 8 minutes of soccer between the 81. and the 97. minute. They have acted similarly against Argentina and Uruguay - while other teams also dabble with this, none does it as blatantly. That is a turn-off for me.
4 days ago
My advice is to work on a product or library that you're already using and which you like. It's easier to stay interested in it over a longer time that way. Plus, you get to enjoy the fruits of your own labour :-)
4 days ago

Well, things like range accurate floating point mode surely need to happen.

Why? IEEE 754 -which float and double implement- allows underflow and overflow, and for the vast majority of applications that appears to be adequate. I'm not convinced that the rest need to be accommodated via functionality built into the JRE.
4 days ago
I don't think there is a consensus for many of the things that you say must change or need to be provided that that is actually so. There is no shortage of mathematical libraries that address many of these points for anyone to use who needs them. That they all need to be provided by the JRE is not clear to me. While it would make some people's work easier, my guess is that it is actally a small niche; I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any of this.
4 days ago
This looks like the same question you asked in https://coderanch.com/t/696343/Android/mobile/Determine-mbytes-GC-Android, so let's continue the discussion over there and close this one.
6 days ago
What drawbacks do you see in converting it to a maven project? If the tool does the work for you, why fight it?
1 week ago

Isaac Ferguson wrote:Maybe just for conceptualize a properties file could be lighter?

Files are tricky if multiple processes are involved - synchronization is a difficult problem.
1 week ago

Isaac Ferguson wrote:
A messaging system..do you mean like RMI?

RMI is not a messaging platform. I mean something based on JMS, to name the relevant Java API.
1 week ago
You can distribute any changes happening in one of the processes using a messaging system to the others.
1 week ago