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Recent posts by Tim Moores

You do not use javac to run servlets.

The question is about compilation, not running. So using javac is appropriate. Seems to be a classpath problem, but we don't know without seeing the actual command being used.
1 hour ago

I need help on how to do it correctly

Does that mean the code does not currently work? Then what does it do, exactly? Where does it start to deviate form what you expected it to do?
1 hour ago
Please post the exact command you used.
2 hours ago
What is the actual command you're using? Surely, "your path" is not correct...? And it were, you'd need to enclose the path in double quotes because of the space character.

Also, is javac in your PATH?
3 hours ago
That goes goes back to what I said about the server.xml file - that's what counts. By default, no Executor (which is what that page talks about) is active. And the maxThreads setting of the Connector is by default set to 150; see

By the way, I hope you're not really using Tomcat 7. Unless there's a pressing reason for it, upgrade to 8.5 or 9, which implement newer versions of the Servlet and JSP APIs. See to help you decide.
It's not surprising at all. If you remove the semi-colon the file is syntactically invalid, and the compiler simply gives up trying to make sense of it. Otherwise it's syntactically correct, but has lots of semantic problems.
4 hours ago
I don't know about 200 - threads are configured in conf/server.xml, you can check what your installation uses. Either an Executor like "tomcatThreadPool", or via a maxThreads setting for each Connector.

One monitoring tool you can use to investigate is VisualVM and its Threads tab. Its MBeans plugin allows you to look at both Tomcat's settings and the underlying JVM settings. The relevant JMX objects are java.lang:type=Threading and Catalina:name=ajp-nio-,type=ThreadPool (or something like it).
MySQL has a command to list all tables; that'll tell you.
5 hours ago

I can honestly tell you that it is not a license infringement because many people custom build a PC and run MacOS on it just fine.

Just because it runs fine doesn't mean that it's not license infringement, of course. You can't buy macOS, IIRC, it only comes with Macs that can run it. I've never read the full license agreement that you have to click through, so I don't know what it says. But I'd be surprised if there wasn't a clause in there that says Apple reserves the right not so support (or even actively prevent) running on non-Mac hardware.

They have no way of telling if you run a fully legal licensed copy on MacOS hardware or not.

I'm 99% sure that they can. They may choose not to do anything with that information, though.
6 hours ago
It's technically possible, and may even work on the same machine. (Actually, I know for a fact that it used to work, and presumably still does.) But not over the network to a different machine with a different graphics environment.
16 hours ago
AWT or Swing objects can't be sent in serialized form over the network.
18 hours ago
If you want a richer API, check out It adds some useful utilities on top of the Google Maps API.
1 day ago
The TLD should define only optionsList, not countryList or raceList. And then you would use optionsList for all 3 dropdowns.
1 day ago
Terence Field,
Your post was moved to a";" target="_new" rel="nofollow">new topic.
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2 days ago
No. We'll keep this topic to the original problem. Databases can be discussed in the other topic.
2 days ago