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Recent posts by Tim Moores

Google Keep and Google Docs allow rather fine-grained control over over who gets to see and do what.
6 days ago
The ImageIO class is an example. It can handle a java.io.File, but not the more modern java.nio.files.Path. But if you otherwise use Path to handle files, you can convert those to File via the [tt]Path.toFile]/tt] method, as Jeanne mentioned.
1 week ago

Thomas Roth wrote:Once is was enthusiastic about java certification. I still think the idea is great, but if the Exam creators don't change direction i think it will loose relevance, at least here in germany.

I've worked in the UK, Germany and the US for numerous companies, and I've never come across a situation where any Java exam was valued. It's an insignificant indication that an applicant may have some skill of interest, but the interview process will test the relevant ones in much more detail anyway. Obviously, that's anecdotal evidence, but I advise anyone considering spending time and money on this to ask themselves if there are maybe better ways of preparing for a tech career.
Welcome to the Ranch.

What do you have so far? Where are you stuck making progress? If you haven't started, what ideas have you had?
1 month ago
A debugger can set breakpoints in the code, not at particular URLs. So it doesn't matter how code is accessed, only that it does get executed.
1 month ago
They all run in the same JVM, right? So a debugger would work well, as Stephan said.
1 month ago
These days any large library will have numerous dependencies. Trying to handle those manually is a sizeable task (as you have discovered), and I would strongly recommend not to do that. Instead, use a build system like Gradle or Maven (or even Ant with Ivy, although that's seriously outdated) that can do it for you.

For POI specifically, mixing jar files from different versions will very likely lead to problems.

I have used many version of POI over the last 20+ years, and have found it to have excellent backward compatibility. So in general there's no reason not to use the latest release version.
2 months ago
In the context of Android, HAXM is an accelerator for the emulator. It provides a big speed increase over the non-accelerated emulator. HAXM is available at https://github.com/intel/haxm, but it is no longer being maintained. Maybe that's the reason Android Studio doesn't offer to install it any more.
2 months ago


The JDBC client is called SQuirreL, and it works well with all kinds of JDBC databases. I've been using it for years as my primary DB interface, and it has served me well for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, Access and sqlite. The link is http://www.squirrelsql.org/, or https://sourceforge.net/projects/squirrel-sql/files/ just for the downloads.

I'm highlighting the name because there is such a thing as SquirrelDB, but that's a database that is unrelated to the JDBC client we're talking about here.

   - BoxLayout
   - GridLayout
   - GridBagLayout

Some 3rd party layouts are quite useful. Check out GridLayout2 and SGLayout.
2 months ago

taggart chesh wrote:I really appreciate your feedback and I'm sorry you couldn't help me on this occasion.

We're sorry too, but maybe you misunderstand how these forums work. We don't provide people with ready-made solutions, we try to guide them towards finding a solution themselves. So if you expect other people to do the work for you, then this forum is not for you.

And, incidentally, we also like people to tell us if they post the same questions elsewhere, so we can all avoid duplication of effort: https://coderanch.com/wiki/660346/Forthright-Cross-Posting-Sites
Welcome to the Ranch.

What do you have so far, and where are you stuck making progress? If you haven't started, what ideas have you had?
OT: I haven't yet found a compelling reason to upgrade to macOS 14. In fact, I'm still on macOS 12, as I generally skip every other version.

But then, I'm not an iOS user, and it seems that a lot of new macOS features are about macOS/iOS integration.
2 months ago