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Recent posts by Tim Moores

Neither project mgmt nor scrum mgmt is inherently technical. While an understanding of the technical issues involved would of course be helpful (and will come to him over time, I'm sure), they're not required. I think it can be helpful to have someone who has no preconceived notions of "how things should be done"; such a person can bring a fresh perspective, and could act in a neutral fashion in any technical disagreements.

I don't know that the interactions would be any different. Obviously, you'd have to explain technical stuff more frequently to such a person.
2 days ago
In the future, when posting code of any length, please UseCodeTags (<-- this is a link). Without them, code is hardly unreadable.

So in which line of code does that happen? What specifically is failing?
3 days ago
Good to hear that you got it to work. For the future, please note that a problem description of "it doesn't work" is not helpful - it gives us nothing to work with. Always TellTheDetails
3 days ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

I got error

What error? TellTheDetails
3 days ago

myCustomObject or myCustomObject2

Can they be made to implement some interface? Then that could be the return type.
3 days ago
I would say that's bad design. Exceptions are meant to be thrown - why return them as objects? If myCustomFunction can't handle exceptions, why is it catching them? Let foo handle them.
3 days ago
#1: DO you want to do this manually or programmatically? If the former, you can use a tool like Google's Files app. If the latter, Android supports the java.io.File class which lets you rename files using its renameTo method.

#2: It's hard to say whether the app would be considered commercial, although your usage of "his clients" indicates that it might be. But your work on it would be commercial development, if that's what you're wondering about.
4 days ago
Also, the MIME type should reflect the image type - application/octet-stream  is not correct for images.
5 days ago
Searching for "jackson library tutorial" results in many hits - have you tried any of those? Some look quite promising.
6 days ago
This sounds like a problem the hosting company has nothing to do with. On a private JVM, you are responsible for deployments and keeping track of files; I'm surprised they even went so far as to look into whether or not some particular file is present. They wold have to dig quite deep to even know whether some form submission goes to a servlet or not.

But you haven't provided any information that would allow us to venture a guess what might be going on. That information would include file and directory information, wbeb app setup, URLs etc. etc.
1 week ago
Spaces. But it added empty lines even when there was no leading white space.
Thanks Stephan! This does what I was trying to accomplish:

Without "display:block" it wouldn't work in Chrome, although Firefox was fine. "white-space:pre" would add empty lines, so I used nowrap instead. And "overflow: auto" rather than scroll suppresses the scrollbars when they're not necessary. Neat!
This is part of a CMS where the page contents aren't all generated in the JSP, but partly originate from another source - so it's not all that easy to handle all CODE blocks with JavaScript. Adding a class to each CODE block wouldn't be a big deal, but handling all CODE blocks in JavaScript would be. That's why I was hoping for a solution using only CSS (maybe along with some JSP changes).

Hoping for a simple solution, I tried to set the CODE block's visibility to hidden, but it's still considered for calculating the page width.