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It seems some other dependency pulls in outdated BC libraries. Assuming you're using Maven, check its dependency tree for conflicts: https://devwithus.com/maven-dependency-tree/. Having different versions of the same library in your classpath ensures problems.
1 day ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

We're happy to help you. So: what do you have so far and where are you stuck making progress? If you haven't started yet, what ideas have you had?
1 day ago
touya tachibana,
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1 day ago

An XML has to be created and embeded into request XML.

I'm not sure what "embedding in XML request" means, but my question was not about *what* you intend to do, but *why* you intend to do it. In my experience, there is no good reason for trying to create an XML document from a Schema. So I was hoping you can shed some light on that, which may allow us to help you better.
4 days ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

I try to create XML file with use of an XSD

What is the purpose of this?

It's hard to say what's going on without knowing what SampleXmlUtil.createSampleForElement does.
4 days ago

What's the purpose of locale parameter if MessageFormat doesn't implement a locale-specific behavior?

Didn't you say that it did, in fact, have locale-specific behavior? So the locale parameter makes sense. I'll grant that the javadocs are confusing on this point.
1 week ago

Alberto Cimaroli wrote:I tried but an error is encountered on the Desktop class.

What was the error?
1 week ago

error value reconstruction

Congratulations, you've coined a term that brings up no search results in Google. Given that, it's unlikely that Java will ever solve whatever issues you have around that subject.

In the past you were advised to engage with the OpenJDK team regarding your suggestions; have you done that?

You were also advised that some other language might be better suited to your needs, the right tool for the right job and all that; did you follow up on that?
1 week ago
OK, so you can go ahead with the WorkManager API.
1 week ago

the user will want to stay notified while the process is ongoing.

I didn't get that from the question. The part about "POST" suggests that the location is sent elsewhere, rather than being used on the device. Some sort of tracking, of which the user may or may not be aware.
1 week ago
Another option would be to use the WorkManager API. Each time a unit of work is completed, it can schedule another one to be run a fixed amount of time later.
1 week ago
Welcome to the Ranch.

No, we won't solve your problem for you, but we'll help you do it yourself. So: what do you have so far? If you haven't started, what ideas have you had?
1 week ago

Where can I get the code for the explanation you have given.

Welcome to the Ranch. The code for what,exactly? Several things were discussed in this topic. After 11 years, it's unlikely that any of the original participants are still around.
An interesting 9 minutes about a NY internet cafe in 1995

2 weeks ago