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Recent posts by Tim Moores

since that book must be right

Is that supposed to be sarcasm? I'm not aware of a law that states book titles need to be literally, factually correct :-)

Or about 75% of all the programmers in the world have been laid off...?

Companies would think long and hard about laying off developers, since there are not enough qualified ones around for all the digital projects being tackled nowadays. So the question is more about how to make the development process more efficient, and yes, agile methodologies are part and parcel of that these days, in the same way as waterfall was the dominant approach some 30 years ago. Enough people find value in it that those methodologies are going to be around for a long time, IMO.
Ah, you're using a data: URL. OK, then: what format is the data that's stored in the DB? If it's ASCII and starts with "0x" then it's not in base64.
12 hours ago
The img tag should contain an URL where the browser can find the image, not the image data itself. You'll need a servlet that serves just the binary image data using a unique URL containing the ID of the image.
15 hours ago
Not sure. Does removing "intent.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK);" make a difference?
1 day ago
getApplicationContext() returns the Application, not the Activity.  While both are subclasses of Context, neither is a subclass of the other, so they can't be substituted for one another. If that code runs in an Activity -as you state- you can just use "this" as the first parameter of the MyProductsAdapter constructor.
1 day ago
Indeed, it uses TCP/IP on top of sockets. a communication mechanism supported by just about every OS. Each DB has its own protocol the driver will have to implement; e.g. these ones are for PostgreSQL and MySql.
6 days ago

some way that I can host my apps on a different server and point to them from my godaddy account.

What do you mean by that? Do you want to host with Godaddy or somewhere else?

I concur that $20 is about what you'll need to spend to get the features you mentioned.
1 week ago
That code might be part of an HttpServlet's doGet method - in which case the request and response are passed into the method as parameters: javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet
1 week ago
The broken layout in the classic view has now been fixed.
1 week ago
Implement a working prototype first, and then perform measurements and calculations to see how it would work for a production workload. It's easier to optimize a particular step that proves too slow than to advise how to do all steps efficiently when we know so little about the circumstances.
1 week ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:No, it isn't legal; if you look at a greenback you will see it says, “Legal tender for all debts...” or similar on the reverse.

There are already all kinds of limits in lots of places for using many small coins or large bills for paying, so I don't think that's accurate.

I think societies going cashless is a good thing. Sure, a system is needed for people without bank accounts, and maintaining privacy for transactions is also important, but the technologies for those are here. In Sweden, for example, you'll have a hard time using cash.

Bear Bibeault wrote:. Similarly, I write out one check a year.

I never under understood why the US is so behind is getting rid of checks - they feel like something from 19th century.
1 week ago

salvin francis wrote:
its simple, slight variations

But variations make it harder, not easier, to remember a range of questions and answers. Or do you take the use of a password manager as a given?
1 week ago

Pete Letkeman wrote:
One could use something Last Pass for this store of thing.

Sure, an app like that would help (and I use one myself), but with a tool like that, the whole problem goes away, as one could use it to store any number of passwords and question/answer pairs, no?
1 week ago