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Tim Moores

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Recent posts by Tim Moores

I used to contribute to when they ran their RC5-64 challenge. There weren't many other options in those days, and I wasn't interested in SETI or protein folding.

Years later, when I found myself with some serious CPU power, I contributed to their OGR effort, mainly because I was already familiar with their software. They still run an RC5-72 project, but that seemed pointless to me.
15 hours ago
Please use more descriptive subjects - "JAVA" tells us nothing in a forum dedicated to questions bout Java.

Cross-posted at, where it has been pointed out that the question as posed does not make sense.

As I said in the other questions you asked (to which you never responded), both the numbers 110 and 1000 in your question are very small numbers. In all likelihood you're worrying about something you don't need to worry about.
15 hours ago
That makes sense: subNames is empty, so line 15 is never executed.

But even if subNames was not empty it wouldn't make sense, because you'd be setting item #10 multiple times, each time with the same data ("m.getSubjects()").
It's misspelt access instead of Access.
1 day ago

I have removed all the libs of my class path ... I have only jasperreports-6.7.0.jar in my project path.

Why did you remove the other libraries? Jasper needs a whole bunch of libraries - you can't just remove those. Again:

Earlier I wrote:You should keep exactly those libraries in the classpath that are needed for whichever version of JasperReports you're using. Jasper probably came with its own set of jar files - use only those.

1 day ago

I saw in forums of internet that solution for this problem is to include the itext-2.1.7 in the class path

No. The error points to an incorrect version of the iText library in your classpath. You should keep exactly those libraries in the classpath that are needed for whichever version of JasperReports you're using. Jasper probably came with its own set of jar files - use only those.
1 day ago

roshani sen wrote:A method announced static cannot be overridden yet can be re-declared. If a method can't be acquired, then it is not possible to be altered. A subclass inside the same package as the case's super-class can override any super-class method that isn't declared private or last.

None of this is relevant to the problem at hand.
1 day ago
Running the trigger before the update doesn't accomplish anything, because at that point the value is 200 anyway, no? The trigger should  run after the update (or otherwise just cancel the impending update).

It goes without saying that this kind of logic should not live in the DB layer, but somewhere in the application layer, but that's not always possible due to several different kinds of clients accessing the DB.
Advise on what? As I mentioned, HtmlUnit can be used for this kind of programmatic web access. The sending of emails can be done via JavaMail. You can use cron (on Unis-like OSes) or Task Scheduler (on Windows) to run this program periodically.
1 day ago
The only method that sets "subj" -which is what the setSubject returns- is "setSubj" - is that ever called? It's hugely confusing to have both setSubj and setSubject methods - you should have only one method, and that should set the value (like setSubj does). I don't see why it needs to return the value it has just set - the calling code already knows which value it has.

Also, class names in Java start with uppercase letters - the class should be called Tutor, not tutor.
The best Java library for programmatic web access is HtmlUnit, IMO.
3 days ago
Please explain what "it doesn't work" means - in detail.

Also, the setSubject method doesn't do anything. Surely it should set a value?

// m4.setSubject(subject); //setSubject() returned null

What kind of object is m4? You posted an excerpt of a class that does not have a setSubject method (or a setSubjectNames method, for that matter), so we can't say anything.