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Recent posts by Amit Mathur

Hi All

Has anyone got a soln to this issue?

I know one approach is to convert the selects to textboxes on the event of table getting scrolled - when the select touches the table header. But will it not be an performance issue? And it doesnt sounds neat also.

Is there a better soln?
Hey Eric , do you mean that while the table is being scrolled - we keep the select as is - and add an iframe under the fixed header (which we want to keep on top)?

You got me a bit confused here...
This seems interesting - as when I put a <select> drop down in my scrollable table with fixed header - the select drop-down control appears on top of my fixed header (when we scroll through the rows).

And this <select> buddy doesnt seems to have a z-index attribut also!

Any pointers to solve this?


Originally posted by Stan James:
To simulate the experience, pass a 7 pound watermellon out your nose.

Thats seems to be a hell of an exercise to stimulate giving birth?
14 years ago
Dont know about other languages but Japanese is very tough to learn...if you are prepared to put in a hard effort then only got for it. And to qualify as a japanese language professional you must clear their language certification levels (There are 4 levels as far as I can recall) - and different companies have different requirements - so even a basic level might be enough for you.

Job wise also there is lot of money for such professinals both in India and in Japan.
14 years ago

Originally posted by Sripathi Krishnamurthy:

Amit, Correction for ~70 columns.
Oracle8 supports 1000 columns for a table.Not sure about 9i.
Normally the columns in the table depends on the page size. larger the page size, more number of columns can be accomodated.

Thanks Sri..
What I meant to say was Oracle will support my table with 70 columns.
Well the entity is normalized. And the reason as you said was just to split a table into two bcos the number of columns appeared to be large. However since oracle supports ~70 columns I think we will keep it as a single table only. Thanks!
yeah sure we can do that
but i was just curious to know if there is something specific
There is one more clarification I would need - suppose for a given CustID I have about 70 fields. Is is okay to design a table having 70 columns?
Can we split the table into 2 tables of 35 columns each? Which approach is better? (All 70 fields are going to be fetched/updated together)
nobody ever accessed a properties file lying in a jar file?
14 years ago
The HV menu is working across 2 frames. But it does not seems to support a third frame!
Need pointers on dhtml menu across frames.

We have 3 frames - top, middle, and bottom.

Menu is to be in top frame. Can we have a menu which will drop down and be visible over the middle and bottom frames also?

Pls reply to my mail-id also. Thanks