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since Sep 29, 2011
a person who loves to learn more about technology.
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Recent posts by Grace Phone

I want to show datetimepicker for every row of display tag table.
I use the following code.

But for now, I can only see it at the very first row.
How can I modify to display datetimepicker for every row of display tag table?
5 years ago
so simple the solution is.. just the popup window and , in here just target the iframe name of the parent window.

all works perfectly
6 years ago
I have pop up window , in which to upload an excel file of adding new users. After clicking the button and successfully added the users into DB, I want to close the pop up window and refresh the parent window to see the updates. In Parent Window, it shows the list of users.

How can I handle all of these events and steps in Struts2 and javascript?

I want to display some messages of how many users added in parent window too. How can I pass all those info by action?

Now the problem is when I successfully uploaded and added users, the popup window displays the list of users and I have two window opened.


6 years ago
Finally I fix it just by adding which is an action just to display all the list.

Thanks to the following link:

I have display tag like this.

I got the ArrayList of the data from Session.

The problem is whenever I click to sort the Organisation Name column, it automatically performs the last action. For example, I add a new organistation, then I back to the list. And I click to sort, then adding of a new organisation perform again.

When I check the URL on the sortable column, it is pointing to the last action (Add action ) URL. If last action is delete, it is pointing to Delete action. Second time click on sortable column is OK, it works well.

But just first time straight back from another action, sorting is duplication the same action. How can I overcome this problem?

Thanks ahead.

Thanks for the reply.
I used something like that.

first I useand it gave me jasper exception.

So when I use,, it works well.


Thanks to all
I want to display various data in Display Tag column according to what I get from Session.

How can I integrate switch case with display tag ? I want to display AAA if the unit value I get from session is 1 etc.

Here is what I want to do.

Thanks ahead.

Here is the question at Stock Overflow.
I agree with this because I faced similar problem because there was session=false directive declared in common page used by my page. It gave me headache over hours. Then I awared of the stack trace telling me no session in this page. When I enable it session=true and everything works well.

It might work well if you use like this. But when using sessionScope, it gonna give you session not found error.

Thanks to this link

Cheers !

Bear Bibeault wrote:That error means: access session scope in page that does not participate
in any session

For some reason, your page has no session. You need to figure out why. What declarations do you make for the page?

6 years ago

Swathi Ram wrote:Thanks for all the help.

I just had to access the value from the table id. And it works.

<display:table name="offices" requestURI="" pagesize="${row}" sort="list" id="jobResults" class="candSearchResults" >
<display:column><s:checkbox theme="simple" name="checked" fieldValue="${}"/></display:column>


Thanks for the quick fix.
I do like this to access the value into combo box using Table id.
6 years ago