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Recent posts by Sandeep Ghosh

Please explain me how Spring AspectJ ‘within’ expression works? I have an advice which needs to be invoked when is called but not when when Target is called from RelationshipBean class. For this I have below expression.
Please let me know where I am doing wrong.

@Pointcut("execution(* com.*RelationshipService.*save*(..))")
private void anyPublicOperation() {

@Pointcut("!within(com. staticData.*RelationShipBean))")
private void excludeRelationship() {

@Around("inTrading() && excludeRelationship()")
public Object cacheCalls(ProceedingJoinPoint pjp) throws Throwable {

It seems Spring completely ignores within expression and invoke cacheCalls even if I call from RelationshipBean. Please let me know where I am doing wrong.
10 years ago
Any idea what should be the salary of 7 years exp in Java/JEE guy in Sydney. Does salary differs in different cities of Australia. I am in negotiation stage with a head-hunter who is based in Sydney, but work place could be anywhere. My current domain is Investment banking.
12 years ago

We have a situation that JMS messages should be processed in the same serial order as it arrives in the Queue. We are using MDB running on Weblogic 9 cluster (3 servers). Our JMS Queue is actually a foreign server (JMS Bridge) listening to a Tibco server. My question is even if we set the max count of bean in pool at 1, won�t there be possibility of 3 beans getting processed simultaneously (which opens a risk of younger message overtaking the older message).
I would like to know
1.Is there any way to make MDB singleton in cluster environment i.e. preserving the serial order in which messages appeared in Weblogic Queue.

2.Is there any way to make TIBCO fire JMS message to only one server so only one MDB will be executed?

[ September 02, 2008: Message edited by: Sandeep Ghosh ]
12 years ago
How does JAXB 2 understand inheritance? I have a class Student which have two derived class HostelStudent and DayStudent. One property is different between 2 derived class i.e roomNo (HostelStudent) and lockerNo(DayStudent).

xml structure for unmarshall is

<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">code:</font><hr><pre name="code" class="core"><font size="2">

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>


I want when input xml will have element < lockerNo> then JAXB should create object DayStudent and when there is <roomNo> it should create object of HostelStudent.
Or can we make one field a descriptor field? Like if rollNo (which is in basse class) is 0 then object will be HostelStudent else DayStudent.

I cannot change the xsd or input xml structure
Thanks in advance.
[ July 24, 2008: Message edited by: Sandeep Ghosh ]
96K is quite a good salary in Singapore. I also choose to stay in Singapore rather than USA last year when I was asked to relocate to USA. Regarding firing policy it is just like what happens every where. Big banks governed by global policy so don't expect any Singapore specific HR policy. Check your PM.
12 years ago
Technical knowledge is not the only thing one needs to be a good architect or project manager. One need to have soft skills likes people management, client�s expectation and your team member needs management. No book or course can teach you this, only experience will. Just for the sake of analogy, in army you won�t promote an officer as general in third year of his service just because he won a gallantry award recently.
13 years ago
I am trying to make TPTP work in windows. Has anybody managed to run Agent Controller. When trying to start AgentController\win_ia32\bin\ACServer.exe, I am getting this exception
Error starting transport layers, Agent controller exiting.
See servicelog.log for error report.

This is the content of servicelog.log
<CommonBaseEvent creationTime="2007-09-04T03:15:02.886000Z" globalInstanceId="AE9EAD4E906E433B91D8006BFA4A574F" msg="Unable to create named pipe." severity="50" version="1.0.1">
<sourceComponentId component="AgentController" componentIdType="TPTPComponent" executionEnvironment="D:\cygwin\home\build\TPTP\\TPTP-\agntctrl\src\transport\namedPipeTL\namedPipeListener.c, line 1054" instanceId="1001" location="" locationType="IPV4" processId="2480" subComponent="Named Pipe TL" threadId="1492" componentType="Eclipse_TPTP"/>
<situation categoryName="ReportSituation">
<situationType xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="ReportSituation" reasoningScope="INTERNAL" reportCategory="LOG"/>
<CommonBaseEvent creationTime="2007-09-04T03:15:02.886000Z" globalInstanceId="A0E9A3266A22459EA2C37404203810AA" msg="An error was returned from TransportLayer(1001)::startTransportLayer errNum = -1" severity="50" version="1.0.1">
<sourceComponentId component="AgentController" componentIdType="TPTPComponent" executionEnvironment="D:\cygwin\home\build\TPTP\\TPTP-\agntctrl\src\agentController\ConnectionManager.c, line 263" instanceId="2" location="" locationType="IPV4" processId="2480" subComponent="Connection Manager" threadId="1492" componentType="Eclipse_TPTP"/>
<situation categoryName="ReportSituation">
<situationType xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="ReportSituation" reasoningScope="INTERNAL" reportCategory="LOG"/>


My environment is JDK5, Weblogic 10, Eclipse 3.3 and TPTP 4.4. Any inputs to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated.
I have 6 years of experience in Java, but quite a newbie in banking domain particularly in IB. Since recruiter (more than often) is asking for expert in equities, intent is quite clear. They want their resources to be productive from start. So I am wondering where to start from. Doing an MBA in finance is not in cards for now. Any suggestions like which books or topic I should go for will be appreciated.
13 years ago
I got a call from a recruiter that they are looking for Java/J2EE programmer with expert knowledge on Equities and Capital market.
My question is what things I need to pick up (and how to pick up) in this domain (Investment banking) to be a programmer with good domain knowledge. What I found out is knowledge of FIX protocol is good to have. Any other pointers in this regard will be greatly appreciated.
13 years ago
$4000 is good enough. You can save at least $2000. Make sure your health insurance is paid by company.
13 years ago
While trying to create a new struts project in Exadel 4.0, I am getting this exception.
"The Selected Wizard could not be started.
Plugin com.exadel.jsf.ui was unable to load class

My OS is windows XP 2003 and my JRE is JDK 5. Am I missing something?
Nice topic of discussion. Ideally in a project except one or two top project manager, everybody�s hand should be dirty with codes. One who is in higher in hierarchy should take more critical task and lead the team by example. What we actually see is only few juniors or mid level experience programmer are doing actual coding and experienced guys are busy compiling timesheets or talking over phone with customers or doing nothing. Now trend is if a guy with 5 yrs experience is still coding it is an act of shame. Even in army except few top General and Colonel, all the men has to go to field and even these General has went to battle once upon a time, but only in our industry we see some team leaders who have not coded more than hello world application giving instruction to experienced programmer. Being a PM or team lead is a nice job in itself. If a project succeeds take all credit and if project fail you always have that lowly programmer to blame.
13 years ago
Changing company or project is the most painful thing for a techy. You have to adapt again to a new system all over again. So it should be last the option and only be considered when it is bringing substantial salary or designation hike. Changing for bad PM and other emotional issues is a stupid idea. Just think that PM is also an employee like you. So why you should leave, rather he should leave since you believe he is inefficient. Few years back I had this situation, when I was working for a top notch bank. My PM was completely inefficient. He thought he has been relocated to my work place just to enjoy new countries. Our project was suffering due to his lack of vision. After few years of tolerating him and few arguments I left the project and in 1 month he was also shunted out of that project. Looking back I think leaving the project was wrong decision. Because by then I was senior guy of the project I had left and in the new project I was fresh, trying to learn system from much less experienced guys.
13 years ago
Right now yes many banks are in hiring mood like Barcleys, Merill Lynch, Citibank etc beside many electronic companies like Motorola etc. Not sure about Credit-Suisse, as I have heard from friends that they have opened a development center in Pune with Wipro and most of the projects are shifting there.

Anyway if you are single or/and ready to share acco with other friends then salary anything >SG $4200 will be fine. But if you like to stay in independent apartment and have a modest/comfortable living then it should be >SG $5000. Rent is increasing in leaps and bound in Singapore, so be ready to shell out SG $1200 for any modest apartment. For searching job, I normally look into, and our good old .
If you get job through some vendor then bargain hard and don�t forget to include medical insurance in your CTC.
If you wish to come here and search for job, govt have some kind of visa by which you can stay here and search job for 1 year.

Hope this will help you.
13 years ago
Hi Friends,
Any suggestion what I should say if asked during interview why I am looking for a change. My real reasons are bad project manager, bad work and low pay. Should I say all these or should I come out with something new which will not adversely affect my profile. Any idea on this regard will be greatly appreciated.

14 years ago