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Recent posts by Gaby Bag

Hello all,

As part of a research project, we use a Web application implemented in JSF 1.2 to realize some computations for us. In order to be able to invoke methods from this application, which is deployed on a Apache Tomcat 6 server contained in the application itself, we implement a new servlet inside it to call what needed. This servlet is executed from the "outside" world through a Java program from terminal and everything works perfectly. Here is the code of this program

As our project will be also deployed on a Tomcat Server, we must port this program in a Web service and because the SOA is written in Java, we choose JAX-WS. I'm not a specialist of this kind of technology so, please, be compassionate with me if my stuff is a little bit stupid or naive . Here is the code of the implementation class :

As you can see, I added some stuff (toto, titi and tata strintgs) in the code to see where the problem might be. I use soapUI to realize tests and see if my this Web service works.

Unfortunately, it does not work at all. There is no exception in the try block as I received "toto" as response but nothing is done by the contacted servlet. To be honest, I don't see where could be the problem. I made some searches on Internet and forums but I found nothing related to my problem.

I someone could give me the reason of this failure or explain why it cannot work ? Am I miss the point ? Is it forbidden to do that ? Is there a way to do this particular kind of stuff ?

Thanks in advance for any answer or advice :-)


10 years ago