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Srikanth Giduthoori

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Recent posts by Srikanth Giduthoori

Welcome Deepak..
wish you all the best...
5 years ago
sorry for the late replay...
i have done that thing too..
mean i've downloaded the Java Platform (JDK) 7u4 and installed it into my system...
then i tried to install the javaee setup...but no luck.....
5 years ago
at first i strted with just double clicking the setup...
then it throwed me an error stating that, need java 2 runtime environment..
so i've gone for the jre installation in my system...
after that when i tried to double click on the setup it said its unable to find the run time environment..
then i went for this -j option.
5 years ago
in my system the setup is unable to find the java run time environment...
that's why i've used the -j option to spot the jre for the setup...
5 years ago
hi all...
i am unable to install java ee on my windows 7 64 bit
i have tried to install the bundle of jdk and java ee..java_ee_sdk-6u4-jdk7-windows-x64-ml.exe
i tried run it from the command prompt with the -j option but no luck..
the setup is running till to image i've placed below.. after that its just going error alert ..nothing...

5 years ago
try to start the server by using the services wizard..
for this in XP go to RUN and type services.msc
now in that serch for IBM WebSphere Application Server...
right click on it and start the service...

I think this will help u...
6 years ago