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since Oct 18, 2011
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Use button type="submit"
9 years ago
Guys I am linking two web applications one written in ASP .NET and another in JSP..
I need your help concern about Cookie i have created a Cookie in ASP .NET..


By the following code i am getting only Name which is as shown below

I want to extract only UserID from Cookie value but i am unable to get it by getValue() function..

Thank You in Advance..
10 years ago
Use the following script to pop up the window after some fixed time period...
just call the function myPopup(ans); after the fixed time..
'ans' Variable will contain the choice of user(i.e. want to continue or not)...

Create on jsp file named 'dispDialog.jsp' ask for user choice and a submit button...
add the following code to return the 'ans' to parent window..

I think this will help...
Is the jdbc jar entry present in the CLASSPATH?
Replace this

By this.

I think that will work...

private final String userName = "user";
private final String password = "password";

Check these details and pass valid username and password in connection string..
Thank you all for giving me your precious time...
10 years ago
Hey abani,

I want to retain my session and as per my information using sendRedirect in response ends the session..

Thank you for reply..
10 years ago
Thank you for reply Bosun..

Will try it....
10 years ago
I am new to jsp-servlet and Ranch too.
When i submit jsp page it sends info to servlet and servlet process that data and send response as home page..
but at the home page address URL it shows the parameters passed to servlet and their values..
like this

Is there is any way to conver this URL in the following form..

Here is some part of servlet code

There is some terms like URL rewriting, will it help me?..

Please Help..
Thanks in advance..
10 years ago