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Recent posts by Sarika Sukumaran

I cant delete all files in a directory. Its a servlet application in NetBeans. Please help me. Its urgent.

I have 29 ".properties" files in folder. But in this loop always at least one file remain non deleted. Hence I cant delete the folder.
How will create a new project in OmegaT? I could not create one successfully after reading the manual. Please help me in simple steps. If possible please give sample source file, target file and translation memory.
I want to search for a given string pattern in an input sting.
For Eg.

Now I need to search whether the string URL contains "/{item}/". Please help me.
This is an example. Actually I need is check whether the URL contains a string matching "/{a-zA-Z0-9}/".
I need to check this pattern "/{a-zA-Z0-9}/". The pattern should include two slashes and two braces. But the letters can be anything.
For eg: "/{asdFs7f}/", "/{asdfg}/", "/{ASDF}/", "/{23445}/".
Please help me suddenly.
9 years ago
Thanks for your response. Could you please help me to achieve the target?
Why "BufferedImage image = ByteArrayInputStream(imageBytes));" returns null value?

Is it possible to edit and remove text from a pdf file using itext. If yes how?
Saving in A4 size

Is there anyway to add the pdf page not as an instance of Image?
I need to edit a specific page from a PDF file and I have to save that page only as a separate PDF file. I have successfully completed the job. The input file is of letter size pages. But now what I need is to save the edited page in A4 size. Can anyone help me. I am waiting for the responses.

Following is my code.