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since Oct 26, 2011
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Recent posts by cecilia fava

I'm working with Web Services. I am studying Spring Web Services but I'd like use Spring Roo. Spring Roo has an add on or something like that in order to use Spring Ws?
Thanks! (The book is talking about this topic: Spring Ws?)
11 years ago
I'd like to know how to use GWT with Spring Roo, I was trying Spring Roo with a tutorial but it generates skeleton for MVC, and GWT seems to use MVP.
Is it possible ?
Thanks!I'd like to win the book!
11 years ago
I'm following the example in the book but when I'll try using annotation for beans I get the error:

@BEAN annotation Type The attribute value is undefined for the annotation type BEAN
Any Help?

This is the definition of the interface:

12 years ago
I'm new with Spring 3 +Hibernate 3 +Flex4. I don''t use Spring MVC framework. I have spring services that I have to test. I read about mockito and Easymock to test services before exporting services to BlazeDs. Is it OK?
12 years ago
I need to test spring services, but I'm not using Spring MVC. I'm using Flex 4 as a client with BalzeDs. Any help? Thanks!
12 years ago
I'm new in Spring 3 + hibernate 3, and I use XML bean declaration. The problem is when I wire a bean with other dao bean. The error hapened when my bean try to call the dao bean

My bean UserService.xml is

My applicationConext.xml

My web.xml

I'm trying all last week and I don't know how to do...
12 years ago
I'm using Spring 3.0.5.RELEASE +Hibernate 3.0 and I don't know Spring 2.5.6 is intented to use for Spring Security.
2011-11-07 09:40:18 ERROR [http-8080-1] (SpringSecurityCoreVersion.java:24) - Spring Major version '3' expected, but you are running with version: 2.5.6. Please check your classpath for unwanted jar files.

My Classpath don't have Spring 2.5.6 in Maven dependecies listed.
Any help?

My security.xml

My pom.xml is:

12 years ago
Hello! I'm starting with these technologies and I want to test the BlazeDs services because http://localhost:8080/usermanager/...DataCollectionTest.html failure the connection with BlazeDs+Tomcat
I want to test this first in Eclipse but I did'nt find anything in the web to test services en Eclipse.
If I try http://localhost:8080/usermanager/messagebroker/amf dont't return any page with error, thus I think the service is working.
Thanks in advance
12 years ago