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since Oct 27, 2011
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Recent posts by R Hoefer

Heads up, I randomly checked pearson vue today and it looks like my results were in.

I almost passed *sigh*.

12 years ago
I'm still not understand what you mean by weaker connection. The way I read it, I thought you were talking about a failure first and just a slow connection second. Here are a few thoughts I had.

1) Slow connection - Throw up a dialog and then use an async task to grab the data and update your UI.

2) Revisit the connectivity manager . The documentation states it can be used to "Monitor network connections (Wi-Fi, GPRS, UMTS, etc.)" and "Send broadcast intents when network connectivity changes".
12 years ago
What do you mean when you say 'Weak connection'? Are you saying you can't connect for a few moments or are you saying that the calls take a very long time to complete?
12 years ago
Since I'm thinking of it, have you heard of Luke?

Nice tool to manage lucene databases in a GUI. I wish someone had told me about it when I started messing with Lucene.
I'm not Joe, but that's starting on the right track.

Exam was 120 questions, I had three hours to take it. The test I took consisted of only multiple choice answers. (No drag and drop or fill in the blank).

A few questions had extra code to be evaluated on a separate tab (but it was fairly simple. Only one tab, one class per tab [that I remember]).

There were quite a few basic questions and code examples which were pretty straight forward. I think the trickier questions came in with inheritance on my version.

I only remember being tested on the diamond operator and the "string" switch statement from project coin.

As far as basics, I had what seemed like an awful lot of questions regarding StringBuilder class.

I'll update if I can remember anything else.


As far as studying, I printed out quite a bit of material from the Java Tutorials. I have also previously read through the SCJP 6 study guide from McGraw-Hill and there's another java 6 reference that I can't recall the name of.

12 years ago
I took this exam today. I didn't have any questions on the JDBC API or Locale class.
12 years ago
I'm brushing up on exam objectives for the beta Oracle Certified Associate Java 7 Programmer exam and have come across the JDBC API objective on Considering the other topics this almost feels out of place. Anyone else feel this way?
12 years ago