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January 5Azure Data EngineeringVlad RiscutiaManningpaul nisset, Lanny Gilbert, Jose Samonte, Fidel Edwards  Sent in winners (1/23/21)
January 12  The Career ToolkitMark HerschbergCognosco MediaTim Holloway, German Gonzalez-Morris , Les Morgan , Burk HufnagelSent in winners (1/23/21)
January 19Mastering Corda: Blockchain for Java DevelopersJamiel SheikhO'ReillyRahim Nathwani, Stephan van Hulst, George Gdgeorgiadis, Vivek RaviSent in winners (2/28/21)
January 26High Performance Python for Data AnalyticsTiago Rodrigues AntaoManningGuru Bhat, Gary W. Lucas, Jose Samonte, Don HorrellSent in winners (2/28/21) Don Horrell: received.
February 9Algorithmic Thinking: A Problem-Based IntroductionDaniel ZingaroNo StarchKarina Guenther, Sebastian Makowiecki, Arjunkumar Shastry, Jj RobertsSent in winners (2/28/21)
February 16Dive Into Algorithms: A Pythonic Adventure for the Intrepid BeginnerBradford TuckfieldNo StarchDustin Wright, paul nisset, Jesse Silverman, Salil WadnerkarWinner reported received (3/6/21)
February 23  OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer Practice TestsScott Selikoff and Jeanne BoyarskySybexAdrian Pop, Olivia Johnson, Ayoub Rossi, Alex DamianSent in winners 3/27/21
March 9Machine Learning with TensorFlowChris A. MattmannManningClaude Moore, Laura Bosdriesz, Yury Nebieridze, Arjunkumar ShastrySent in winners 3/27/21
March 16GraphQL in Action  Samer BunaManningDon Horrell, Alex Khvatov, Tim Holloway, ketan bhavsare-book winner reported received (3/30/21)
March 23GitOps and KubernetesBilly Yuen, Alexander Matyushentsev, et alManningKetan Bhavsa, Greg Horie, Sander Hollaar, Miroslav LehotskySent in winners (4/26/21)
March 30Data-Oriented ProgrammingYehonathan SharvitManningAlex Khvatov, Jose Samonte, andrea aplaya, Mike Simmons Sent in winners (4/26/21)
April 6Math for ProgrammersPaul OrlandManningSebastian Makowiecki, Greg Horie, Rohan Bryant , Piet SourisSent in winners (4/26/21)
April 13Pipeline as CodeMohamed LabouardyManningketan bhavsar, German Gonzalez-Morris, Akash Rajvanshi, andrea aplayaSent in winners (4/26/21)
April 20Secure Financial Transactions with Ansible, Terraform, and OpenSCAPLucian MalyManningSai Hegde, Tangara Goh, Tim Holloway , Patrick Dung  Sent in winners (5/18/21)
April 27The Programmer's BrainFelienne HermansManningLuke Moloney, Akash Rajvanshi, Cleo Junior, Sebastian Makowiecki Sent in winners (5/18/21)
May 4liveProject: Protecting User Data with Spring Security and OAuth2Laurentiu SpilcaManningTapan mh, Tarun Kumar Kumar, Robert Stuart, Andrea Aplaya Sent in winners (5/18/21)
May 11Java ChallengersRafael del NeroLean PublishingCampbell Ritchie, Sebastian Makowiecki, Declan Barrett, M KhalidSent in winners (6/8/21)
May 18liveProject: Build an ML Recommender System   Kim FalkManningLaura Bosdriesz, Olufisayo Deji, andrea aplaya, Jose SamonteSent in winners (6/8/21)
May 25liveProject: How to Think about Manipulating Data  Ana BellManningAlex Khvatov, Jesse Silverman, Akash RajvanshiSent in winners (6/8/21)
June 8Spring Quick Reference Guide: A Pocket Handbook for Spring Framework, Spring Boot, and More  Adam L DavisApressJulian Isaac, Shaik Ashish, Frank Jacobsen, Rob SpoorSent in winners (6/30/21) ebook received (Rob, 2021-07-01)
June 15Pro Spring MVC with WebFlux: Web Development in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2  Marten Deinum & Iuliana CosminaApressJunilu Lacar, Stephane Clinckart, Rafael L Cintra, M KhalidSent in winners (6/30/21) ebook received (jlacar, 7/2/21)
June 29Programming ScalaDean WamplerO'Reillypaul nisset, Salil Wadnerkar, Marouane Trabelsi, Junilu LacarSent in winners (8/25/21) ebook received (jlacar, 8/26/21)
July 13Spring Boot: Up and Running: Building Cloud Native Java and Kotlin Applications Mark HecklerO'Reillypaul nisset, virat dhoni, Tim Moores, Marouane TrabelsiSent in winners (8/25/21)
August 10Asynchronous Event Handling Using Microservices and Kafka liveProject  Brian MericleManningJulio Sugaya, tangara goh, Jose Samonte, Nitish SinglaWinner reported received 9/29/21
August 17Haskell in DepthVitaly BragilevskyManningLe Fre, Marouane Trabelsi, Arjunkumar Shastry, Karanveer PlahaSent in winners 9/20/21)
August 24Help Your Boss Help You: Convert Conflict Into Opportunities Ken KousenPragmaticJunilu Lacar, Andy Crowther, Les Morgan, Monica ShiralkarSent in winners 9/20/21) jlacar-received ebook
August 31Modern API Development with Spring and Spring Boot    Sourabh SharmaPacktOmer Faruk Kurular, Randy Maddocks, Carlos Solano, Ron McLeodSent in winners 9/20/21)
September 7Kubernetes in Production Best Practices  Aly Saleh & Murat Karslioglu  PacktOmer Faruk Kurular, Sebastian Makowiecki, Roland Mueller, Lucian RevnicSent in winners (10/11/21)  Roland Mueller: received.
September 14Fixing your Scrum Ryan Ripley & Todd MillerPragmaticSebastian Makowiecki, Stephan van Hulst, Sidney Blake, Greg HorieSent in winners (10/11/21)
September 21React Cookbook: Recipes for Mastering the React Framework David Griffiths & Dawn GriffithsO'Reilly Omer Faruk Kurular,  Glyndwr Bartlett, Burk Hufnagel, Bear BibeaultSent in winners (10/11/21)
October 5Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures   Marcello La RoccaManningAyoub Rossi, Nestor Mata, Alex Khvatov, Michael KrimgenSent in winners (10/11/21)
October 12Functional Design and Architecture   Alexander GraninManningT H Lim, Jose Samonte, Sean Corfield, jared kellermanWaiting on winners info

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2 days ago
Isn't the modulo or division reminder that what you are looking for?
10^16 = 10000000000000000 is the first uint64 number with length of 17 or longer. The reminder of the division num / 10^16 as decimal digit string has maximal 16 digits.

1 week ago
In a Maven project the content from src/main/webapp is copied to the root directory of the war file.


in mywebapp.war

URL - depends on mapping of mywebapp.war
http://host:8080/mywebapp/ or http://host:8080/mywebapp/index.jsp
1 week ago
Here are two tools for detecting issues with shared libs. Every of these tools has man pages. The links below are pointing to some tutorial -like sites.

* ldd shows which libraries a binary or shared lib try to use
* nm can be used to list symbols in libraries and binaries

My suspicion is that something happened during the upgrade and you may have conflicts between some basic libraries. If this is true there should be other problems too. You can also look with 'rpm -V -a' for other things that are wrong with all installed packages.

Last not least - it's a bit late that this comes to my mind: if you are using RHEL you may have also a support contract with Redhat. In this case there is a tool 'sosreport' for collecting evidences to a single report file. THis report is then meant to be sent to Redhat support.

That advice from previous message should not help because you said  that 'rpm -V apt-util- has no output. That means it's already installed and has no issues related to rpm packaging.
Sorry for confusion!

Roland Mueller wrote:Seams that I am running slowly out of options. You can try to install apr-util.

Seams that I am running slowly out of options. You can try to install apr-util.

Did you try to add the certificate the same way as the self-signed one?

3 weeks ago
Related to SSL here is an entry example / starting point:

... and the nutshell instructions:

access https://localhost:8443
3 weeks ago
In RHEL8 systemctl replaces service command. Latter is still there but should in principle just use the new init system. In a similar way dnf replaced yum.

The error message in the logs shown by systemctl status is different from the one in your first message:

Sep 27 11:27:22 testvms84 httpd[326943]: /usr/sbin/httpd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open sh>

Can you check whether you have package apr-util installed? It should be there as dependency of apr and httpd. You could also check whether something is not OK with apr-util with rpm -V apr-util.

I cannot see any smoking gun from these results.

How by the way did you tried to start the Apache server? In my CentOS box I use systemctl.

After that one can check the status.

Ashok Raj wrote:

Even we tried that also. Along with apr, we installed apr-util, httpd. But it doesn't help us to overcome this error.

Thus, more data is needed. Assuming, that httpd and apr are installed through yum and rpm you should run the following commands:

... possible installation issues with the httpd and apr packages:

... information about the packages

... logs of starting httpd

and / or

The name of the rpm package containing should be simply 'apr'.

When httpd is installed from RHEL yum repos apr should be installed as depenendency of httpd.
Assuming that you mean Swing UI there are several free tools listed on this page in second link. I was using sometime the Robot FW Swing and QFTest (see first link) which is a commercial tool but has very good support for Java UIs.
3 weeks ago

Marcus Vinícius wrote:Hello,

I'm making this APP for my company, but I've never used JSON with Java before, so I'm kinda lost here. After watching some tutorials, I made this function

That's my Log:
org.json.JSONException: Value GOOGLE BRASIL INTERNET LTDA at nome of type java.lang.String cannot be converted to JSONArray

The JSON string from the URL shows that you have an JSON object that is not an array. As immediate child there is the JSON value "nome" which has value "GOOGLE BRASIL INTERNET LTDA." and is definitely no array as the error message in the log says.

Probably, you should only retrieve the object with key "nome" and return it. following code is an untested guess:

4 weeks ago

Rob Spoor wrote:I never said it was invalid. Both ExpectedException and assertThrows work in JUnit 4.13. You can keep using the deprecated code, and replace it gradually with assertThrows. ....

OK. Thanks! That's the best solution in this case. I was not aware that the assertThrows() construct can be already used in JUnit4.
1 month ago