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Recent posts by Nuno Miguel Santos

I'm starting my first steps in JSF.

I've already read this link

in regards to map initialization.

The problem is, I want to populate my map with values residing in a file.

How can I do that?

I've tried not using faces-config.xml and calling a support method in the bean's constructor, but my select list box isn't populated.

My bean class:

As for my JSF file, it is like this:

I've tested the bean's functions in a test application, and everything works fine.

So my guess is the bean isn't instantiated?

9 years ago
Hi everyone,

I'm almost getting close to finishing my configuration of Tomcat.

The trouble I'm having is in regard to both my client application and my browser.

I want that when a user accesses Tomcat with his browser, that it can only access through https, so that I can use certificates to authenticate.

In my client application, when I communicate with axis2, I only want to use http, so I don't overload the server. I'm using apache rampart with password callbacks that use certificates, so there is no problem in not using https.

Now, this is were the problem starts. Here's what I've managed to get to work:

Allow SSL on tomcat, client certification works like a charm with the browsers. However, the server is still accessible through http://localhost:8080. Here is my server.xml in regard to this matter:

Shouldn't it redirect to the 8443 port?

My client application can communicate with no problem through the 8080 port.

So what am I doing wrong?

This is the only way I know of to restrict external access to tomcat.
9 years ago
I'm always getting an error when getting a name from my active directory server.

The error is the following:

javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Invalid name: "CN=»OGMA Serviço LAN/WAN",cn=Recipients,cn=Users,,dc=intra

After googling a bit, I found the following information

As you can see, I tried both with the parser approach and the composite name approach, but the error continues!

What am I missing?

Here's my code that does those operations:

I'm doing a simple RMI project that guarantees a secure communication between a server and client residing on different computers.

So, for communication, I thought of using RMISocketFactory, with an SSLSocket.

My problem resides in obtaining the host address, I don't want it hard-coded in my program.

What secure ways do I have for obtaining an host address?

Encrypt in a text file and read from it?

Regards, Nuno.
9 years ago
Good afternoon,

I've built an application that interacts with a web service, which in turns contacts a CMS Platform that is integrated with an AD server.

In turn, the web service uses the CMS api to upload/download files and various functionalities.

That's where I want to make sure only the right users (the one that are stored in the AD) use the web service.

If I fetch both the windows user with his domain in my code, and then send it to the web service, will that be enough?

for example: mydomain\nuno

I can't rely on certificates to identify the person because if the application will reside on hundreds of computers, hundreds of certificates would have to be created.

9 years ago
Good afternoon,

I'm going to start developing a security component to an already existing Axis2 WS.

What I need to know is, will it be possible with axis2 to implement an authentication with certificates?

Or should I rely on another API for this matter?

Thanks in advance,
9 years ago
Good morning,

I'm trying to build a simple application that will interact with an AD Server.

I've been googling for information how to use SSO in my code, but I can't seem to find anything recent.

Everything goes back to 2003,2004.

I don't want to try that since these are solutions a bit old.

Anyone know a more recent reference for this?

9 years ago
Hello everyone, I've recently started having a distributed systems course on my university, so I'm still fresh on this area. I've been trying some examples, and they work fine in just one PC. The problem started when I tried running the program on 2 separate PCs. Which doesn't work.. Here's the situation:

I've got this on my main method in my Client class:

That ip address is from a friend living in the same house as I. ( the ip is IPv4 from the command ipconfig on windows)

The Naming.lookup doesn't launch an exception, it just stays stucked there

the newUser method just does a println() so that I know the method was called.

9 years ago