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Recent posts by shivdhwaj pandey

K. Tsang wrote:In the real world, having a cert doesn't mean much without the experience. While you prepare you should write a lot of small programs to reinforce your reading/learning.

Can you please help to get around Java again it feels hard to come back from php to java
Java 8 it shows in beta version Should I prepare for that and please tell me the approach and books to crack the Exam.
Hey Ramesh,

Got this two post that explains almost everything:Link one and Link Two

Hope this helps you.
9 years ago
Hey EveryOne,

I am planning to give OCPJP for java 6 in couple of months.

Little about me I am a php developer and always want to move to Java since my college days but due to some sort of lack of knowledge I was unable to get the job.

Now I want to go for it and want to know will it be a plus point on my CV to have OCPJP
You are creating session but not assigning the value to session variable that`s the problem.
And place exit; just after the header();
10 years ago
I am also facing same problem
when I run my project simple add subtract things are working in JSP
but when I created a package and then tried to create a object of the class which is in package
under java resources in eclipse doesnt compile

Comes. I am using tomcat under eclipse juno on ubuntu 12.04 lts
10 years ago
I am a new user of ubuntu 12.04 and installed oracle database XE in it but need to connect it to my simple JDBC program where it requires user dsn .
I am not able to find any solution on the net as tried last few hours and want to complete the project as soon as possible.
Kindly guide me to create a user/System dsn in ubuntu 12.04 for oracle XE.
i have downloaded the eclipse for ee in tar.gz formate but dont know how to install in ubuntu
I have installed it from ubuntu software center should i install it from website?
but i dont know how to install tar.gz files
kindly help
I have installed eclipse ide 3.8.0 in my ubuntu 12.10 but did not know how to create a web project in it.
As i started and moved to file->new-> project
but there is no option for the web projects?
how to do it?

Ulf Dittmer wrote:You can't. That you could before was arguably a bug, and it has now been fixed. End of story.

11 years ago

shivdhwaj pandey wrote:whats new in place of it?

how we can do so in java7
11 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:

But that question assumes that "static block is removed in java 7". Why did you assume that?

Because when i try to run program without main () it shows error, but concept says it has to run
11 years ago
if static block is removed in java7 then whats in place of it or new in place of it?
11 years ago