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Happy S Singh

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Recent posts by Happy S Singh

I know the folder names.

inputfile folder in fixed

within , this forlder is dynamic but again within this folder

this will be fixed. Inside this folders,file names are unknown
3 years ago
I am merging files using below snippet.

But I wat to merge in some specific order of folder. I have folder structure like below

I want to merge files like It should merge all files of inputfiles/folder1/folder1_create then folder1_update and then folder1_delete.

3 years ago
I have a string like this TESTAPP_B_ABCD_JP_0_FILENAME I want the index of "ABCD" I have tried

It returns 10..It means it gives me index counting the characters

I want the output as 3 (Splitting the string TESTAPP(1),B(2),ABCD(3)).

Please guide.
I am migrating checkbox from struts1 to struts2 So I changed code from struts1

When i print i.e

..I get the value as true but same i put it in value attribute , it still doesn't have checked attribute
4 years ago
What are the possible ways to convert below struts 1 code to migrate in struts 2. I know s:select tag but how to integrate c:foreach jstl in that?

4 years ago
Below is the html tag multibox which i want to migrate it to struts 2

as it is checkbox so thought of using simple checkbox which is in the iterator so i used below code

stuck here,without or minimal changes in action code how can i migrate it to struts2
4 years ago
Now I tried with ImageWriter
Below is the updated code which reads array of bytes,processes the image(scaling) and returns the array of bytes.I have not yet included scaling code. but now I don't get any image and no exception as well.

4 years ago
Tiff image total file size is 572 kb
4 years ago
Granted..Now every1's name is Happy

I wish I could go on a world tour.
4 years ago
Thank you Ulf Dittmer, I tried from the sample example but still getting single first page that too with OutOfMemory exception. Please find updated code below.

4 years ago
I want to change the height of multi page TIFF image so I am using below code snippet to scale it. But It returns just first page from the tiff file , I guess it converts it to JPEG image. How to retain all pages of the file??

4 years ago

Using the above code to convert from jpeg to tiff.
I want to compress the image so using compression types from

Is there any other compression type or way which can give me more smaller or same size as that of original image?
5 years ago
I have tried this but got only blank spane without underline

6 years ago
I have created pdf using IText library
Now I want when the user clicks on the button ,it should prompt a save dialog box to the user to allow to browse the destination location to store the file.

Now My code looks like

Following filters are defined in web.xml

And the above code is written in the method of Backing Bean class

and invoked

6 years ago
I want to highlight the DisplayTag's row which has value `'Total'` for this I was trying through javascript but I am uable to do that .Below is the snippet which I am using.Please guide.

I am getting the alert when there is Total in 2nd column but it does not get highlighted.

How to highlight a particular row which has value `Total` in 2nd column?