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Recent posts by jaehyun kim

Yesterday, I found updated my certification status and there was "PASS"!!
PearsonVUE has not updated the status yet, so my status is shown as "TAKEN".

However, I could check my score from the score report.
My score is 395/400. I don't even remember my project in details now, though.

I uploaded the assignment on June 15, and took the essay exam on July 1.
I checked PearsonVUE everyday and emailed to Oracle sometimes.

Today I've got an email from Oracle that I passed the exam finally.

I read Andrew Monkhouse's book for a prep first.
Lots of Q&A from this site were REALLY helpful.

Especially, thanks to Roel De Nijs and Roberto Perillo.
Of course, many posts helped me to make questions clearer and simpler.

Your guide was a lighthouse to me. Thank you.

6 years ago