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The problem was the timeout. you have to set this like this

5 years ago

I've an .net webservice which has a byte[] as parameter in the webmethod.
I've generated classes with java2wsdl (cxf-2.2.12). When I try to call the method with a "simple" byteArray like "xxx".getBytes(), everything will work fine.
But when I try to call the method with a byte[] from a BLOB (database) oder a file (read as byte[]), I'll get response code 400 (bad request) and an exception
in cxf. Also tried to get bytes from a long string (xml message) with .getBytes() .. same error (400) will occur.

I set the maximum bytes for the webservice (in .net) up to 16MB and the files/blob have only 1-5 KB.

I'm not sure where there is a problem? Maybe the length of the byte[]? or some encoding issues?

Any ideas?

Thank you very much,
5 years ago

to geht a "good looking" string that can be used fort he xml, you have to encode the byte[] to bas64.

byte[] data = ...
String s = new String(Base64.encode(data));
6 years ago

I've following problem:

I fill a XML (with JaxB generated object factory, ... etc) and marshall a String.

I have to generate a signature of this content.
Therefore I've to use bouncycastle library.

I found some examples .. my code looks like this:
(privatekey+certificate are from the keystore and are okay)

I will get a signature containing funny charactes like these:

ž6ʁsF4í$¿ñ’ ... and so on.

When I try to copy (textpad) I got an error: "cannot copy .. text containg null (code=0) chars".
I have to add this signature to the xml tag (<signature>) and then marshall the message once again.

I got following exception:
Ok .. that means to me, that the signature could not be in the xml as tag because it would be invalid?

Is the way i to this okay?
I've done some Xml signing with the dsig lib from java and apache santuario. But they will create a own tag etc.

Any ideas?
Thank you very much!

Greetings from Austria,

6 years ago