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Question for Jennifer and Katherine:
Would you consider devops a part of full-stack developer role or better as a role unto itself?
Here is a sample test class that you might run to see how trim() works on some strings:

Uncomment the testString on which you want to see what the effect of trim() is, and run the code. If you use an IDE, you can probably run the code right in the IDE.
7 years ago

Ragupathirajan Venkatesan wrote:Hi

What changes that you have done to fix this issue as suggested by Pranav Pal in previous reply that he has fixed by making that as wrapper.


I changed this:

to this:

Pranav Pal wrote:I have found that the reason why I was getting exception was that I had mapped a primitive property (active - boolean) to a nullable column (ISACTIVE). Since primitives cannot be null, one cannot map it to a nullable ccolumn. I was not getting the same excpetion for isPaidUser because the type declared for isPaidUser was Boolean (Wrapper class) and not boolean (primitive).

This is why living in the future is so great: I can benefit from your having had this problem and posting about its solution. As a result I spent 20 minutes on a fix rather than hours trying to figure it out. Thank you!