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Recent posts by konrad hoszowski

Hello gentelmen
Which technology, jCOM or Java Connector Architecture 1.0 , do you sugest to use to integrate appserver with EIS.
AS - Weblogic 7.0,
EIS - IFS Application
The application needs quasi real-time synchronization and data is going to be changed on both sides( appserver and EIS ).
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated :-)
Thanks in advanced
Hi all :-)
Could you tell me what kind/class of hardware do I need to handle approximately 600 concurent HTTP and EJB sessions? WebLogic v 8.1 or 7.1, os Solaris DB Oracle
Thanks in advance :-)
17 years ago
Good Morning :-)
Could sb explain me ...or point me to appropriate source of knowladge :-) can access xml files included in ear file ?
Thanks for help :-)
I've found in MasteringEJB2 book, on session bean life cicles diagrams that statless sb dosn't ejbActivate()/ejbPassivate() methotds and stateful sb does. I've found also few pages earlier on table 4.1 page 90 that stateful sb does not use ejbActivate()/ejbPassivate() beacuse there is no conversional state.
So what is the truth?
I know its against stateless session bean idea...but I need to lookup often for other EJB's and I was wondering if creating every time new InitialContext object is expensive?
Is it possible to cache, in some way , reference to InitialContext in stateless session beans? Do I need to overriade ejbActivate method?
Thanks in advance
I have enterprise beans with both remote and local interfaces. Is it somehow possible to specify for those beans JNDI names (remote and local) only in standard ejb-jar.xml file, not useing vendor specific descriptors?
Best regards
thanks for your help
I know that my proposition to use static field is a bit wired.
In prev version of application I was useing method that was generating and returning XML view of bean. (CMP1.1)
New version is to be reimplemented as EJB2.0. I wander if it could be possible to cache XML but I don;t know how to synchronize this field trough all entity instances. That why I was thinking about static field not final.
Hello everyona, it's my first post here so...
Good Morning
The idea is to exchange data between ejb's and ejb<->jsp, in XML format.
Questions are:
- can I have nonpersistant field in entity bean which will contain xml view of this bean?
- I'd like this field be common for all entity beans in application (I don't excately understand how app. server manages multiple instances of entity bean) could it be static field?