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Recent posts by lokesh pushpa

First i am glad to say Thanks Joe for reply

I am facing the problem what you mentioned first one "Multiple Form submission". For this Struts Tokenizer is the implementation. But its not working in Mozilla. After this one i got one more approach for login screen. I have checked in banking sites also they are not implementing for Login Page. They are just implementing when ever login button hits they are disabling the button. So there is no chance for double submission.
So i am going to implement this approach for login screen. After login i am able to restrict the refresh and back button using Struts Token.

Thank you very much for reply

5 years ago
I have installed latest Firefox still i am facing same problem. i have searched about this problem in google. They are saying, Mozilla uses same session for all form submission due to this one double submission wont work in Firefox. Please check the below link:

But i am not getting how to overcome this issue

Please advise me with proper solution.

5 years ago
HI JavaLovers,

i have implemented Token Interceptor concept to restrict the Multiple Form Submission in my application. But its not working in Firefox 11.0 only. In IE and Chrome working fine. I am not able to find the problem also? Please help me on this.
I am applying this concept in Login Page.

IN Login JSP Page:

<s:form action="loginAct" id="loginForm" method="post" onLoad="autoCompleteOff();" ><br/>
<input type="text" name="strUserID" id="strUserID" value="User ID" onclick="if(this.value == 'User ID') {this.value = '';}" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'User ID';}"/><br/><br/>
<input type="password" NAME="strPassword" id="strPassword" value="Password" onfocus="if (this.value == 'Password') {this.value = '';}" onblur="if (this.value == '') {this.value = 'Password';}" onKeyPress="enterKeyPress(event);" autocomplete="off"/><br/>
<input align="middle" type="button" Value="LOGIN" onclick="login()"/>
<label><a href="#" onclick="gotoForgotPassword();">Forgot Password?</a></label>

In Struts Page:

<interceptor-stack name="defaultSecurityStack">
<interceptor-ref name="token">
<param name="excludeMethods">*</param>
<param name="includeMethods">loginExecute</param>
<interceptor-ref name="ClearCachingInterceptor"/>
<interceptor-ref name="defaultStack"/>

<interceptor name="SessionCheckInterceptor" class="com.igate.qatool.util.SessionCheckInterceptor" />
<interceptor name="ClearCachingInterceptor" class="com.igate.qatool.util.CachingHeadersInterceptor" />

<interceptor-stack name="testSessionValidationStack">
<interceptor-ref name="SessionCheckInterceptor" />
<interceptor-ref name="defaultStack" />

<default-interceptor-ref name="defaultSecurityStack" />

<action name="loginAct" method="loginExecute" class="com.igate.qatool.actions.LoginAction">
<result name="success" type="tiles">/home_page</result>
<result name="failure">/jsp/login.jsp</result>
<result name="tologin" type="redirect">/index.jsp</result>

This code is working in IE9 and Chrome but its not working in Firefox 11.0
5 years ago
Hi Javalovers,
i have one requirement in sorting. I have a table name as Transaction with 5 columns and i have Transaction_B table having 5 columns both are having one to one mapping. Transaction_B table having a1, a2...etc. columns. When ever user update the a1, a2 columns then transaction will store into Transaction_B table otherwise Transcation wont store in Transaction_B table. I have to sort the Transaction_B table a1, a2 columns but sorting is happening only on updated values in Transaction_B table but i need to get the Transaction table values also. NOTE: In Transaction_B table only updated values only will store from Transaction table. So i will get null values from Transaction Table. Now i need the query for getting Transaction_B table values updating the null values with "NO" message.

Ex: Transasction Table : Columns: aa1, aa2, aa3, aa4, aa5
Transaction_B Table: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
Modules: Detail Module
Detail Search Module
In Detail module we are updating 3 values as "YES". Here Transaction_B values are updated. I mean A1,A2 columns are updated in Detail module. Now Transaction_B table updated with 3 values as "Yes". I have Detail search Module, here i need to sort on A1, A2 are updated with "Yes". If i done the sorting on A1,A2 columns i m getting only updated values. But i want all the values from Transaction Table with Null values are updated with "No" value.

Please suggest any approach or query to do this requirement.

Iam getting "Ajax is not defined" js error.
Here i am using,
var temp = new Ajax.Request(continueURL,
{ method: "get",
onSuccess: function(transport){doSingin();}
onFailure: function(transport) { doSignout(); }
Here i am getting "Ajax is not defined" in console...
please share your answers ASAP.
Please forgive any grammers mistakes are there in this message.
HI UI Experts,

I am using one overlay in that we are showing 2 images with Zoom Functionality.
Using Jacklmore js file. You can find the sample zooming functionality on
Here "Grab" functioality we are using for zooming.

As per my requirement i kept 2 images instead of one image(U can find in jacklmore site).
And By using id's of images i am calling zooming functinality.
Problem is zoomicon in the image is showing inside the image but requirement we need to show outside of the image.
In js file they are using css to position the zoomIcon and for zooming they are using Overflow: hidden. So in IE8, zoomIcon is not coming outside of the span.
If overflow: hidden is removed then zooming functionality coming oddly.

I used below ways:
1. Using z-index i am not getting the zoomIcon out of the image(top right corner in rectangle box)
2. Using custom css i am not getting the zoom functionality on zoomIcon.
3. Remove the overflow:Hidden property, i am not getting the zoom functionality as per requirement.

Please suggest me, how to resolve this issue.

If any grammer mistake please forgive me...


I have an requirement on printing functionality:

I have a webpage, there i am keeping one print button and using window.print(), i am able to print.
But here i am not getting exact size fitted into the potrait page. Some alignment issues are coming while printing the

1. How to capture the window features
2. How to adjust the margins using javascript
3. How to fit into a single page.

If any grammer mistakes are there please excuse me.
Hi All,

I have to do check number validation in serverside. Can you please help me on this issue.
Requirement: I have one Check Number filed. It will accept only integer values. i have to implement server side validaitons for this.

I need stept by step process for this .... Please any body help me on this.....
6 years ago
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>

<c:set var="names" scope="session" value="${}"/>
<c:out value="${names}"/> <%-- Output: names--%>


<%= session.getAttribute("names") %> <%-- Output: value of user name--%>
<% String user = session.getAttribute("names"); %>
<c:remove var="names" scope="session"/>
6 years ago
I have one DropDown box in One jsp, it is having some accounts. When ever user selects the account it will show some transactions on that account.
Now my requirement is : i have get that "Account name" (which is selected by user) into another jsp.
So i have to put that dyanamic value into session and get that value into another jsp.
How to use the session in jsp and how to set the value into session and how to get that value into another jsp.

Please guide me on this requirement.

Sorry for my bad english....


6 years ago
Hi Vishawl,
Thanks for your reply.... Here i am passing the values also.... But i didn't post ... any way ... your link is good... i think it will be useful for my requirement....

Thank You very much.....
HI Vishal,
Thanks for reply.... Here i am using ajax call to send the values... but i need how to send the value of dynamic check boxes to action
Onclicking i have implemented one script method i am calling that method, but i am not getting that values....
so i am not able to send the values to action..
can you please expalin brefily ....Step by step process
i need to send 2 dynamic check boxes values to db from my jsp.
I am creating 2 check boxes in a transaction table.
Table :
Date Transaction
12/2/2012 Here i am creating 2 checkboxes dynamically for all tranasctions, i want to send these checkboxes values into Database

<input type="checkbox" id="reimburseable" style="margin-left: 0px"/>Reimburseable
<input type="checkbox" id="taxDeductible"/>Tax Deductible
Please guide me on this.............