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Recent posts by Joey Jackson

hi, im trying to test tcpmon on windows for the following endpoint and not having any luck.


I have published the service Interface bean and have configured tcpmon to the following:
listen port: 8888
port: 8080

supposedly if i want to see the send and recieve message I go to a browser and I enter http://localhost:8888 or something. but I dont get any result from tcpmon.

can anyone guide me here?
12 years ago
I am attempting to run this book exercise and have followed the steps outlined in the above recommendation. my client file looks like this: when I run the client java -cp .;commons-codec-1.3.jar AmazonClientW nothing gets printed and I dont get any exceptions. any one have any suggestions why?

12 years ago
I am stuck on this on another thread I recently created. can anyone provide some guidance on clues on how to fix this?

the program code uses ejb 2.1 but im using jboss 6.0xxx so i dont know if this is syntax error in the code or if its a versioning issue. at which point. what do we need to change to get this code to run on jboss 6.0xxx.

12 years ago
Hi Folks, Im attempting to deploy ch06 code from jbossatwork book using jboss 6.0

I was able to make the program compile but I receive a 'could not find <ejb-local-ref>'s local interface' error when deploying the app. Help me out, im a beginner.

02:58:26,187 ERROR [org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext] Context [/jaw] startup failed due to previous errors: java.lang.RuntimeException: could not find <ejb-loc
al-ref>'s local interface InventoryFacadeLocal in web.xml of webapp.war

my xdoclet in the session bean InventoryFacadeBean:

ejb-jar.xml output

jboss.xml output

xdoclet code in

web.xml output

jboss-web.xml output

<ejb-local-ref>'s local interface InventoryFacadeLocal as ypu can see is in web.xml and after expanding webapp.war, I do see the web.xml and the code in webapp.war\WEB-INF

so whats missing or wrong here.

Thanks for your help