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Recent posts by Stanley Mungai

Tony, I am the One who asked the Question even at stackoverflow,, I Understand How it works and What I do not Understand is the format pattern.
8 years ago
Hello friends I am writing String to A file like this as I got it from

I however need to write Upto four Strings in this format and I do not know How to go About this

What Would I need to do if I wanted to write three Strings or More like

Please Help
8 years ago
Oh Nice I can see it Now But have Other components on The Jpanel. I will Habe to Shrink Them too?
9 years ago
The List Is still there without the Scroll Pane
9 years ago
It looks the same ..The List is there without the ScrollPane
9 years ago
Yes RItchie I see the List But I do not See the Scroll Pane and If the List is very Long it Disappers into the JPanel.
9 years ago
Hi friends I am trying to Get A Jlist Into a scrollpane But I do not seem to succees because I do not see the ScrollPane:

What am I doing wrong?
9 years ago
Hello friends, I have this Piedataset that I am creating from an Oracle database Like this:

I also have a JList on the same Screen that I have Rendered to Checkboxes and I have added a ListSelectionListener

I need the Pie chart to refresh with the New Values say if I click on one checkbox the dataset should change But My Pie chart is not refreshing. Wgat could I be doing wrong? I will appreciate example too.
9 years ago
NO Ritchie, The hashing is Happening from the database. When Creating a New User from Swing Application, the query:

is executed that Calls the Procedure above to Hash the password so that the database users are not able to view it.
HI Guys I have Built a Java Swing Application that Connects to a Database, I have Been Using Mysql But I have Changed to Oracle 11g and Now I am facing Problems authanticating user Log in from the Aplication. I have Hashed the Password using this Procedure:

I Insert into the Database from the Java Application Using the Query:

My Problem is that when the user Logs in Using the Correct Credentials the login fails. Initially While I was Using MYSQL I Used:

Am looking for the best way to authenticate user login from My swing App.
Hi Guys, I have Been Writing data to a .dat file in My Local Machine File.dat. I have FTP ed the File to an Online Location Is thete a way to write to the File now that it is not In My Local Machine?

I have Been Using this Code to Write to It...

Is there a way to do what Am trying to Do and if Yes, What is the best Way to do it?
9 years ago
Hi Guys I am Displaying the Content of a MySql Database Table in a JTable where Status = 'O', After I select one record, the details are displayed in a different GUI and After an action Event on the new JFrame, the Status of the table is update to 'R' so that it does Not meet the Criteria for the Next Display in the JTable. Right After that I am Supposed to Go back to the Jtable GUI to select another record, so the selected record Should not be there. But In My Application the earlier Selected record is there even after the Database table Status has been Update to 'R' and I have to exit the Entire Program for the Effect to take Place. Is there a way in which I can go back to find the Jtable GUI refreshed so that the selected Records are still not there....

NB: The Database table is getting Update Well

Here is the Class for Display In the JTable:

And this is the Class for Displaying the details, and Updating the Database table Status;

Can some one please tell me what I should Do or What I am Missing out
9 years ago
The Html file and the Jars are all in the same directory if that is what you mean???
9 years ago
Hi guys I have these two Applets that I want to run from My web browser, I need to start the server app and then the client app on a webpage: I wrote this HTNL to do that:

When I Launch them them This is the Error I get for Both of them:

Can some one Please Assist me in what Kind Of setting I need to make to make the Applets run.
The Applets are running fine on the desktop.

9 years ago