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Recent posts by jose maria

I still don't understand which are the advantages of using EJB instead of usual java Beans w/ JDBC Api...
If Entity Beans are not desirable and my system does not need distributing objects...why use stateless session beans instead of servlets-javaBeans-jsp???
But I still hav one IMPORTANT question...

How can I save the state of every EJB...Now they are not entityEJB, they are Stateless...
How do you save them??? How do you manage this problem...
I'm developing a web EJB app. whose client is a web browser but in the next version a java rich client GUI will be used and will communicate with server through http with xml. In client GUI I'll use some classes encapsulated in EJB but I can't use EJB directly.
How can I mantain a single class definition usable from EJB and GUI client java class?
Hi, and thanks all for your answers.
Kyle, nice documents!
So, using Facade Pattern I will have:
Client [in my app. a servlet] that ask for data to a Session Stateful EJB [facade].One per use case.
Facade calls Stateless session beans.
And these stateless EJB have DAO for DB calls.
Then the facade returns a serializable object to the servlet that uses it with jsp to generate the view.
Is it right?
So, must I make one DAO per DB query?
Is it better to create the "Java serializable objects" that facade forwards to the servlet inside the DAO itself or return the resultset to the session bean which will create the object.
Thanks again.
[ January 30, 2002: Message edited by: cardiac0 ]
First of all, sorry bout my english.
I am developing a J2EE/EJB Web Application using SessionFacade pattern.
The problem is that most of developers advice me not to use Entity Beans if I have lots of users, so I decided to use Session Stateless Beans.
if so...
Which are the advantages of using EJB instead of usual java Beans w/ JDBC Api??? Because I lost the (I think) main advantage what is transaction management...
Does session facade pattern makes sense then?
Where must I make DB calls? in session beans or must I develop some clases for the DB access to be called from SessionBeans?