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I would say YES.
Do you feel ready??
18 years ago
Thank you all.
I used RHE book to study.
JWhiz and JQ+ were my Mock Exam enginees.
I have done all 3 Marcus Green Exams.
While taking mock exams I never scored higher than 85% mainly due to lack of concentration.
When you take real exam make sure you are focused and read question to understand it not just to read it and make sure you read ALL of the answers.
Of course visit JavaRanch and try to answer some of the questions posted. If you are able to answer 80% of questions posted from top of your head you are ready to Rock'nRoll.
Tarik Makota
18 years ago
Yes i agree with you guys that in context of method answer is 'Never' but my point was that question like this one should be better worded.
Point of Mock is not to confuse people.
That was all.
Question ID :987945894790
After which line will the object created at line XXX be eligible for garbage collection?
public Object getObject(Object a) //0
Object b = new Object(); //XXX
Object c, d = new Object(); //1
c = b; //2
b = a = null; //3
return c; //4
Possible answers:
// 2
// 3
// 4
Can't Say
I answeres "Can't Say" and JQ says it is Never!!!
If looked in context of method they YES they are right but otherwise you can't say.
If JQ people reading it i think it should be worded better and 'Never' should not be option at all but:
"Not elegible for GC in getObject method".
I'm PB developer.
Haven't taken test yet but scheduled for 3/8/02.
You should be well off if you understand PB.
Most of the PB concepts are applicable to Java.
you should plan on 2-3 months of preparation.
-exception arrising in finnaly
-shuting down your PC
-thread dies
-and as you indicated System.exit()
As you can see only controlable way is using System.exit().
"When thread finishes sleeping it does not continue executing. It goes into Ready state and needs to contend for CPU/lock"
We have certified commedian as bartender... he he
Sun Objective does not mention REader and Writer classes in its objectives under "The package".
Does this mean that those classes do not apear in actual exam?
Has anyone seen them in exam because every cert. book has at least 3-4 pages on these classes.
I am not looking for an answer like:
"Read objectives"
the return value of oops is sent!!!
first i2=2 is executed and then function oops is called. Return value of oops will be used but it throws exception so you bail out.
Java Math.round() which by the way returns long always leans towards higher number in case of those in the midle like : 2.5, 3.5, -2.5, -3.5.
so if you have -5.5 first highest integer/non-decimal is -5.
if you have 6.5 it takes first highest integer which is 7.
This is situation:
I scheduled Test on March 7.
My scores are:
JWhiz : lower 70ties
JQ+: mid 60ties
Marcus: upper 70ties
Java Ranch Roundup: 90-100
I know my weak spots are (AWT, I/O and Threads)
I will be working on these in this last 3/4 weeks.
How am I doing based on your own experience (those that took/passed the test).
Order of initialization for Object b = new Object(); is
1. final variables are always assigned values first, no matter where they occur. Among themselves, ordering is according to their sequence in code.
2. static and non static blocks : in the order they are written in the code.
3. constructor.