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Recent posts by Sagar Deshmukh

Dear Friends,

I am stuck on the problem i dont know what to do and where to start.

I have one device called Monitoring system and i want to communicate with that device through my PC/Laptop and set data , i am confuse how to start or what to do or where to start.

I need to create GUI for that to communicate with machine/device.

About machine :
The machine/Device can send data via MODBUS to the external devices like DCS / HMI through MODBUS vis
communication module.

Please suggest where to start and which language i need to choose.
What question i need to ask to my client.

Warm Regards,
9 years ago
Does it give me a speed ?

Any link or reference.
10 years ago

I want to show it on webpage according to condition (That i will use in where clause for e.g . SELECT field1 FROM xyz WHERE vno='1')

10 years ago
Thank you Paul for your reply,

Problem is i want to implement this in programming language so you user can access over internet.

I have two option to implement this
1st J2EE
2nd PHP

But i am not finding any way to implement this in J2EE or PHP (Main problem is speed , i want to show this within 2 or 3 sec in graph format)...

Please guide.
10 years ago
1) I will have to create two columns in MYSQL database and insert data in that, each column contain 8-9 k data.
2) Then i need to plot this data in chosen GUI in three separate plots on one screen as shown in attached image.
3) Time interval for X-axis for plotting individual graph is 0.001.
4) Then i need to plot these two waveform data against each other as XY graph as shown in graph.

How to do this or what language and technique i need to choose.

10 years ago
Thanks you so much for your reply.

May i know which is correct forum for this question i am confused.

As you said, i need to use String Builder, i tried that but still getting same weird output. Interesting part is , when i print it using sop it gives a correct format with proper logic, don't know why not on printer
10 years ago
I have one java program for printing shop bill.
As far as i have written below code to print

I want exact same output as given reference image

But i am getting some weird output as like below

No. ItemName Rate Qty(gm) Amount
BadamType 1
Kaju 19
Differentname 3

Kindly help, i have Google, put 2 days to solve but didn't find any solution.

10 years ago
Hello Friends

I have installed tomcat 5.5.26 on AIX using proper steps

I have develop project in eclipse , my project is in Struts 2.0

I have deploy my .war file in webapps folder then i restart tomcat and .war file also extracted but when i access that using web browser i am getting below error

HTTP Status 404 - /VMS_Offer_Generator/login
type Status report
message /VMS_Offer_Generator/login
description The requested resource (/VMS_Offer_Generator/login) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/5.5.26

for reference please check my web.xml file


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app xmlns="" xmlns:javaee="" xmlns:web="" xmlns:xsi="" id="struts2-jquery-showcase">


when i deploy this .war file on Windows it works fine but not on AIX 6.1.. I am really confuse what to do

Please give the solution..

Waiting for help-full reply

Sagar D
10 years ago
I have developed Swing desktop application and i google for last 2 days but didn't get any solution that work on windows xp and 7 also, do you have any solution
10 years ago
Friends, i have developed application and now i want to sell that software but i want it to be license means without activation he cant access software for that i have made one algorithm and i want any unique identification
Now i am getting hard disk sr number and this work fine on windows 7 but it doesn't work on windows XP

in windows xp i am getting error

any another way or any better solution or any example
please help
waithing for your reply

10 years ago
Friends got it using below changes

Thanks for your support
Thanks Richard for reply,
But prepairedStatement is use for update and insert how do i use it for select clause

and i have change d1 = new java.sql.Date(d.getTime()); but still i am getting same error

Really confuse about this date
please help
I google this problem didn't get any solution
I want to retrieve data from ms access database according to today date, i have write below program but getting error

Error : Data type mismatch in criteria exception

please help waiting for helpful reply