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Recent posts by Rivosk Hogerop


I have the following problem:
I need to make a relation (OneToMany) between a entity on my server and a entity in my library (ManyToOne).

My program consists of 3 main components:
- a client (who uses session beans to query the server)
- a server (which contains entity's)
- a lib which is shared between the client and the server. (which also contains entity's)

Here is the thing I want to do:
Class on my Server:

Class on my Library:

It's not an option to move ClassOnServer to my lib because this would ruin the whole architecture.
Do you guys have any suggestions on how to solve this?

I solved it! thanks anyway.
Hi thanks for your reactions.
It's not that i'm looking for the best way to solve this problem.
It's an exercise and we need to solve it with recursion. (on the exam I will have no other choice then recursion.)
(P.s.:we haven't seen any OOP)
12 years ago

I have a question about a small pathfinding problem.
I got a 2D table which symbolize a labyrinth.
The table only contains a ' '(white space), a 'B', a 'E' and a 'W'
B: begin position
E: end position
W: wall

I need to write out all the pads from B to E.
(a) I may not cross a wall
(b) I may not move to a position I have already been before. (in the same pad)

for example I have the following labyrinth: (ignore the [])
[M][ ][ ][ ][ ]
[B][ ][M][ ][E]
[M][ ][ ][ ][ ]

My java program needs to print out ALL the possible pads from B to E:

I have written this little program.
It's an excercice from the exam from last year and I should be able to solve it with recursion.
But my program only print out 1 possible pad instead of ALL pads.
If someone can point me where and what I'm doing wrong I would be verry gratefull. (I'm practicing for my upcomming exam)
(excuse me for my bad english)

12 years ago