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yogesh m gaikwad

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Recent posts by yogesh m gaikwad

i have jsp page on which supposed 100 records to display,
and also i am printing this page with header and 20 rows at a time but when
records more than 20 goes to next page with header does not display, i want to set each
new page with header.
6 years ago
I want Display-tag properties in my jsp page for report
using jsp-servlet(mvc) architecture
I want to save image in our war file images folder..
please send me proper code..
waiting for positive response.
6 years ago
I have this date format and i want to check this date is < 05/11/2013
how can i do it???
please send me answer
i am waiting
7 years ago
suppose i have class
class abc implements list
int i;
public void display(){
//how i implements methods of list in this method

then how i implement methods of list in this class
please reply..
7 years ago

I got this message
" Stream closed."

in apache tomcat log file
please tell why this error coming..
i am waiting
7 years ago
how to display image on jsp page
using my sql database
7 years ago

what is mean by string is mutable
can you please explain with example
7 years ago
i am developing web application,
in that when user enter value in the textfield(like 1 or 2 or 3 and so on),
then whatever value in textfield the number of combo boxes
will be generated
write in servlet...
String details="";
details = "<html> <body>";
details = details + "<table border=1><tr><td><Strong>Roll No <td>:</td> </Strong></td><td>" + sr.getRollno() + "</td></tr><br></br><tr><td><Strong>Name <td>:</td> </Strong></td><td>" + sr.getName() + "</td></tr><br></br><tr><td><Strong>Password <td>:</td> </Strong></td><td>" + sr.getPassword() + "</td></tr><br></br><tr><td><Strong>Mobile No <td>:</td> </Strong></td><td>" + sr.getContact1() + "</td></tr></table>";
details += "</body></html>";

first get the values from database and then put it instead of sr.getRollno() and so on..........
8 years ago
i have website and on this i want whenever their is textfileld,
user have type in marathi font..
i have a jsp page.
and on same page when i am click on submit,
the same page pdf format will be generated for printing purpose...
i am waiting