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Recent posts by Marco Bresciani

Andrew Monkhouse wrote:That appears to indicate that you can take all 3 parts without having taken the mandatory training.

Yes, but you won't have the certification... Just did... Only after the submission of the courses (and their verification) your certification will be validated and so produced together with certification kit, logos, ...
Thanks for the hints! I've decided this sequence: first Ruby, then JavaScript probably together with Python (or Python slightly after JavaScript) and PERL last.

Let's study!

Java is probably not dead... but it's not very well, indeed! ;)
8 years ago

Steve Fahlbusch wrote:You shouldn't,

You should learn all of them.......

But that said......

Learn java for applications (large, web apps or stand alone)

Learn python for quick and dirty applications, esp, low level apps

Use them both, but python is quick and nimble

Java will protect you from yourself

One is not better than the other, they are both tools in your toolbox. Learn both

You know Steve... I'd love to learn all of them since I move to move out this crazy company I'm working on. Saying to be R&D and still using not old but older and clumsy tools, with unskilled people, difficult daily management, ... it's making me crazy, also because there are "so many things to do" that there is not even time to think about "R&" but only "D"...
So, being at least a bit aware of all those languages should help me be a bit more "agile" in finding a proper new job.

Let's go back to study: Ruby! JavaScript! Python! PERL! Go! Go! Go!
8 years ago
I've always though Java is not the best kid on the block but since it's ("it is", or "it was", as you wish to read) popular, my university taught that and also it's a bit more easier to find a Java-related job. Anyway, since my post on this topic, I've read a bit, checking features and some general things on Python, JavaScript, PERL and Ruby and I've started studying Ruby with its peculiarities... and it seems very nice! Also, forced indenting (even if very nice!) is a bit too forced, for me... at least at the moment.
Thanks for the link.
8 years ago
I'm a Python newbie... much more than newbie... I've just downloaded from my corporate account one introductory book on Python and I'm just reading the first chapter so... I'm probably The newbie.

Anyway. My question: why should I choose Python instead of Java or Ruby or something else?
8 years ago

Nilessh Ganu wrote:Sorry I mistyped ... I meant we can export the UML diagrams to image files like jpegs or bmps.
I used the jpegs and my index.html had the hrefs pointing to the jpeg's as you have already suggested.

I used Visual paradigm for the UML diagrams. After exporting, it produces a 'not for commercial use' kind of watermark in the image files. But in our case, that won't be a problem.

Oh, ok. So I can continue using the tool I'm working with. It's the non commercial version of Software Ideas Modeler and seems quite complete and it also exports in JPG, PNG, ...

I'll take care using href instead of img tags. Instead, text and notes and description of the diagrams can be added in the index or other HTML pages, right?

Nilessh Ganu wrote:You can use href's to the html files.
To generate htmls for the UML diagrams, you can use UML IDE's like StarUML, visual paradigm that can export the diagrams to HTML files.

You can use style sheets in your HTMLs as well to improve the readablility. I had used internal style sheets to be accessed within the HTML page.

Best Luck!


I've just downloaded, installed and tried StarUML... pretty raw but seems enough. I've a doubt: I've tried using "Export Diagram..." but it allows me to save it only in jpg, jpeg, bmp, wmf and emf formats. No HTML.

Does StarUML use UML 2? It seems UML 1.3 or so... is it enough?
It seems also very very very very (!) slow, when using any "export" function... it hangs for a couple of minutes, then it works again! Is it normal? I don't think my PC is too slow... I can make Win7 work on it!
Hi all,
I've just (1 week ago) received my assignment and I'm now reading/studying/working on it. I'm speaking about the WPC (Wireless Phone Company) but I suppose the things are the same for all assignments.

I have a doubt on the deliverables. I've been said that: "all deliverables will be accepted as HTML only and each diagram bust be UML compliant." and... how?! I mean: if I have to produce HTML only, how can I produce the UML diagrams? ASCII art? Link to external (e.g. on the web) files?
Also: "you should have an "index.html" that has your name, ID and link to the class," ... "and a link to each of the " ... "diagrams. Build a JAR archive that contains all html files."

Again: how can I append/attach/add UML diagrams if I have to submit HTML files only? I know, maybe it's a stupid question but... I don't want to get a fail just because I've submitted wrong things! I'm preparing a deliverable structure like that:

+- index.html
+- oa.html (the original assignment text, just to have...)
+ aoi (folder with the assignment original images, just to have...)
| |
| +- WPC Domain Model.png
| |
| +- WPC Use Case Diagrams.png
+ img (all other needed diagrams)

and I'm thinking to link those diagrams either doing or doing but, as said, I'm not sure I can add images, how to add them, ... and so on. Or do I have to post the pics somewhere on the Internet and link them from my file?

Also, in the index.html do I have to use the title tag for name and ID or h1 tag or... just put there as is with no formatting at all? And... the "root" directory (I've called it scea-AAAAAAAAA) shouldn't be included, right?

Also, are stylesheets allowed? Just to have something more nicely readable...

Sorry for these stupid questions... but I'm actually puzzled...

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.