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Recent posts by pradeeppk

I have a situation here where in I am trying to update a field which forms the Composite Primary key through a CMP Entity bean. The problem here is that all other except for this field gets updated. It's not throwing an error either.
I tried to print the updated value in the console just after setting it in the Update() method of the Session bean which is calling the Entity Bean Remote Interface. It's showing the updated value but it's not reflecting in the Database.
Can someone suggest a solution to this problem.
Thanks in advance,
Can anyone quote a live scenario of when a Session Bean must implement a Session Facade pattern and when not to implement it. It would be better if it can be illustrated with some sample codes. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for your reply.
Infact this is what I need to know.'
Is it possible for a Session Bean which implements Session Facade pattern to call an Entity bean directly? Someone suggested that a True Session Bean (which does not implement Session Facade pattern) can only call an Entity Bean and not a Session Bean which implements Session Facade. In effect there is introduce a layer of Session Bean between Session Facade Bean and Entity Bean.
Please reply

Originally posted by Ranjith R:
Session facade is an implementation pattern where in you will wrap a Session Bean around the Entity Bean.Access to Entity Bean methods are only through the session Bean methods.
While, A session bean is a Java object, conforming to the J2EE session object specifications.

What is the difference between a Session Facade and a Session bean?
What is the difference between a Session Facade and a Session bean?
In an application that follows the MVC Architecture, we want to implement the Business Delegate and Session Facade patterns.
The flow we have decided is as follows:
Any request from the JSP is routed to the Controller Servlet. The Servlet will talk to a Business Delegate, which in turn will delegate the call to a Session Facade. The Session Facade decides (it contains the Session Bean lookup logic plus the Business Logic) which Session Bean to talk to. The Session bean in turn will lookup the Entity bean that will talk to the Database.
The outbound response will follow the revesre path.