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Recent posts by Chennakrishna R Gottam

Mallesh Panthagani wrote:Congratulations.

Could you share your prepration steps, material used and tips to prepare?

Thanks in advance.

Here are topics needs to be prepared for Part 1, this will give you initial boost.

Application Design Concepts and Principles
Common Architectures like Enterprise Applications, Distributed Application (using JCA), Tiers, and Layers

Non-functional Requirements
Integration and Messaging

Business Tier Technologies
Concepts - EJB 3.0/2.0 (Local Transactions/ Distributed Transactions)
JPA and JPA with Persistence Providers

Web Tier Technologies
-Framework (JSF)
-Web Module Structure
-Web Application Technologies

Applicability of Java EE Technology
Java EE Clients
Container Types (Java EE Server, EJB Container, Web Container, Application Client Container, Applet Container)
Java EE Modules (EJB modules, Web modules, Application client modules, Resource adapter modules (JCA)
Web Services
Concepts of UDDI

Design Patterns
- Core Design Patterns: Gang of Four (ref
-Core J2EE Patterns (ref )

Application Security by implementing cryptography algorithms (asymmetric/symmetric encryption)

Application Server concepts
Load balancing, cluster, High availability, Horizontal Scaling, vertical scaling all NFRs will cover here

Web Server
Concepts Proxy configuration
Load balancing with application servers
Implementing SSO
Affinity types for Application/Web servers

-Chenna Gottam
10 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

Finally the wait is over.

It gives me mammoth pleasure to inform you that I have cleared SCEA/OCMJEA exam with the score of 139/160.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in this forum who helped me to pass SCEA/OCMJEA exam. It’s been a long waiting after submitting my assignment, finally I got what I wanted.

I enjoyed exam preparation a lot during part1 and 2, part 3 is just the straight hit.
10 years ago
I am in the process of implementing component diagram, to start with two approaches are in my mind.

Both are Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil implementations by grouping tiers..

1. Defining components use case specific.
2. Defining components business specific like admin actions are in one component segment, user actions are in one component segment

Please advice.
I was reviewing Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil Part II, noticed that sequence diagrams didn’t meet the assignment requirement. As per the use case all public methods must be used in sequence diagram.

Class diagram is high level didn’t touch several implementation areas like DAO and Service call segments.

Final one is Component diagram is more generic, is this approach recommended to implement?
I was hard time understanding in uml specifications like Interfaces exposed with lollipops. The tools which I am using (Star UML, Rational Modeler and IBM Rational Architect) doesn’t have a feature of lillipops.
Do they really concern about that. Please find below url and share your thoughts.

10 years ago
Sadanand, I have a question related to UML specifications.

I am using IBM Rational Software and IBM Rational Software Architect tools none of them were UML 2.4 compliant, assignment is specific about the UML 2.0+
10 years ago
Congratulations Sadanand

I am also working on the Gusher Oil Project.
Please share valuable thoughts.
10 years ago