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Recent posts by Ibne Masood

Uwe Lindenberg wrote:Hello Ibne Masood,

I am also preparing for the 1Z0-897 exam.

Perhaps we can learn together and discuss our problems?

Are you interested in?

Best regards,



Thanks for the offer. I took my exam last Friday and passed it
I would recommend the notes by MZ both version 6 and 5 and then the enthuware tests by Frits. Make sure you read the specs/JSRs etc. as mention in other threads.

Paul Robotham wrote:Have you checked this out? Scroll down to the fourth last post, https://coderanch.com/t/591523/certification/Java-EE-Web-Services-Developer

I don't know anymore than that.

Yes that is the only place where you find some details regarding the exam topics but it is not an official source. Many thanks for the response.
I have been preparing for OCE WSD exam for a few months now but so far could not find a single official document from Oracle regarding the contents of the exam. It would be interesting to know why, yes really WHY have they not published any official document like they have done for several other exams? They have not even published the topics in detail, all of which are only one liners so leaves one confused about how much to read, how many specs to go through and what things to keep in mind? They did a great job with the OCP book but strangely they have not done the same for the WSD exam. Why? I would be grateful if someone can answer they "Why" above and point me to an official document?

Robert Patzke wrote:When I started to edit tomcat-users.xml and nothing worked, I combed through all directories looking for some hint. I found, that there are several tomcat-users.xml files in my environment and my hope was, that I edited the wrong one. But it was not the reason for my flops.

Are You really sure to edit the correct tomcat-users.xml file?
And did You restart tomcat after editing the file?

Good luck

Yes I am sure that I have edited the right file. In my system I have tomcat-users.xml file at only two places and I have tried to edit both of them. I have also tried to restart the tomcat and netbeans and this also does not work.
9 years ago
It appears as if I am stuck in a similar situation but this time none of the above solutions work. I have tried to add the appropriate role to tomcat-users.xml file without any mistakes of not removing the comment markers. Nothing seems to work. In my case I get a Tomcat Manage Application login form when I try to browse the server from within the Netbeans IDE. I have verfied the properties and I am making changes to the correct tomcat base conf file. Just wondering if someone knows or have a similar problem?
9 years ago