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Recent posts by Raghavendra Shockley

Please help me. It does not allow me to change the email id.
12 years ago

Jan de Boer wrote:

Frank Silbermann wrote:Asperger's Syndrome, and he sounds like one of them.

He very good at his job though! He is very smart with computers. Better then me even. The only thing about him is that he knows only one thing, computers, one OS, windows, and one computer language. But as long as he is that good in that one thing, I am happy with a lot of things he does too.

From my experience, nerds/brainy people are generally bad at jokes and have a hard time getting into a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, unless they are nerds too. Anyway, good luck and I hope that he does not see your post. But, maybe he should.
12 years ago

Mohana Rao Sv wrote:Are you able to connect to mySQL directly?

I am a complete newbie to databases and sql. I am learning it to do jdbc stuff. So, I am not able to understand the meaning of your question. Please tell me how this mysql works. I tried MS-SQL and it was much easier. But most tutorials use this complicated mysql, that is why i am forced to use it.

I tried to manage a DB connection and now I get this error. How do I get rid of it ? Do you find MySql confusing and less user friendly as compared to MS-SQL ?

Tim Holloway wrote:there's only a scant handful that are considered worth the paper that they're printed on.

Which ones are those? My guess is that its CCNA, CEH, CISSP, Network+, A+. I dont think that my OCJP is one of them.
Is there any industry recognized course or certification for eclipse?

Mohamed Sanaulla wrote:

Raghavendra Shockley wrote:What are its uses and is it necessary for a developer to know it in depth or is just something of academic interest ?

I dont think there's anything special in Object graph except it shows how the objects are related to each other. If you are familiar with Graph concepts then object graph should be obvious.

You mean graph theory, networks and stuff like that ?
12 years ago
What are its uses and is it necessary for a developer to know it in depth or is just something of academic interest ?
12 years ago
Does it make sense to make all the members of a class protected ? If yes, then why go through the trouble of typing protected many times. Why not make the whole class protected, ie protected class MyClass ?
I know that java does not allow protected and private here. I understand why private makes no sense because that class will not be accessible at all and even its main() cant be run. Its the protected i cannot understand.

12 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:That inheritance hierarchy is severely flawed, unless you can tell me that a Child IS-A Parent.

What you are saying by super.super is like using this hierarchyIn that foo() method, the Bus is behaving as a Conveyance, not a MotorVehicle. This states that a Bus IS-NOT-A MotorVehicle, which contradicts the extends MotorVehicle in the class heading.

The child is-a parent because it is a subclass of parent. Even I don't understand why someone would want to use ....super.super.method(). All I was looking for was some reason to show why that may not be good. But your point makes sense.
12 years ago

Winston Gutkowski wrote:

Raghavendra Shockley wrote:One may ask why ? or show an example where this is applicable.

Yes, but you're not asking 'why?', you're asking 'why not?' (ie, 'why didn't the designers allow it?'), and that involves getting inside their heads.

I wish I could do that or books would do that. I find it difficult to remember so many rules without reasoning. The OCJP helped me to understand some aspects of Java, but not many of them with logic. For example, I still don't know why public classes must be kept in a file of the same name. The only way out seems to be by developing code for a lot of scenarios.

12 years ago
If deepak does not mind, may i ask why do we need cloning/what are its applications ?
12 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:It's wrong in Java because the rules don't allow it. So how could a "real-life" example demonstrate that the rules don't allow it?

But there has to be some reason why it is like that or at least which real life example it works for.
For example, private variables are inherited by child classes but can't be accessed by them directly. One may ask why ? or show an example where this is applicable.
They have to be accessed by public getter methods of the parent class. Real world example where this may apply -
Please tell me if this makes sense or if there is any flaw here.

private will; // valuables for kids left by grand father!
public giveWill(); //check if potential recipient is deserving or not

Child extends Parent
Parent mom;
Parent dad;

//child skinColour = "momSkinColour" + "dadSkinColour"
public askForWill();

The child cannot access the will of grand father, but certainly inherits it. No other person or child can get it.To access it, the child must satisfy -
boolean isAResponsibleAdult, boolean isDeserving == true.
12 years ago