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M. Umair

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since Jan 30, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I am doing Software Engineering (Computer and Network Security); currently about to start my 6th semester. We have been told to research topics for our FYPs (Final Year Projects), else the university will provide a topic for us. I want to do my FYP in Computer/Network security as is evident; I know its a very broad field and that is why i came here.

I request that those of you that are knowledgable in this field kindly help me out. What i want is to be given a number of topics/sub-fields/implementations/applications in Computer/Network security that i can do research on and hopefully choose one for my FYP as appropriate. Afterwards i'll have around a year to complete my FYP, that will include researching the project, documentation, implementation etc (not to mention the regular semester studies).

Currently, my skills are very limited, and i plan on expanding those correspondingly to my FYP during this 1 year+ period. Anyways here is a list:

-very good at c/c++(my favourites)
-working knowledge of java/.NET
-oracle/databases (though i am not interested in databases at all)
-have done work on NS2 (network simulator) modifying the AODV protocol for VANETS (kind of boring)

--plan on learning the core windows API during my sixth semester including sockets programming(C/C++ offcourse) (the core API not MFC, and not the GUI functions but more of the under the hood stuff)

In my last semester, we had courses like Intro to Computer Networks and Number Theory. Now we'll be studying courses like Network Security, Distributed Systems, Cryptography, Computer Forensics etc. This was just to give you an overview of where i stand, which as i see is "nowhere" yet. I'll be extremely thankful for whatever help you can provide in the regards that i mentioned.
8 years ago