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Recent posts by Ganesh Pat

hii frnds i have used jsmsengine to send sms.I have copied all n comm jar n win32.dll in appropriate folders when i create an object of this class in same file i.e it send sms but I want to fetch mobile number from database and send sms to that mobile no.
Actually its a website , i used apache tomcat for that , but when i click on link show in my site which fetches record correctly then i used fetched mobile no to send sms like this first created class

SendMessage s=new SendMessage() ;
s.sendSms("9999999999","Hell0"); //(Mob no,msg) n sendSms is a method in that class to send sms

but this doesnt send but when i run that SendMessage file code separately by creating main method in that it works why?

and in last in that it has code System.exit(0) i think which shutting my apache tomcat so i commented that please need help
Once again thank you Jayesh Lalwani !
Thank you Jayesh A Lalwani so you mean to say that I need to fire appropriate query which will fetch only required data ex. If i need only one column then not to use select * right ? , Need to use Indexing and Database settings what do you mean by database settings ?

Is it important to use foreign key in tables ? yes Primary keys of some tables are used in other tables but I'm not going to delete any records of database so is it necessary to use Foreign keys ?
hii friends. I've developed a desktop application where each day thousands of records will be inserted so many queries will be fired on database to show different kinds of reports. how to use MySQL for that ?.
My table for an example has fields like

in some table more than 8 columns are there.
Will it slow down record fetching speed as more rows get inserted in database ? I've never tried MySQL with such huge records in it so please need help.
hi guys , can anybody tell me how can I protect my java Desktop application from copying from one system to another ? I want an application to run only on a system my client should not copy that application and use on multiple systems. I heard about something Dongle
Does anyone know how to use dongle for software protection ?
Do I have to write some code in my java application for dongle security ?
Is there any other best way to protect software from being copied n all ?
Please need help ......
5 years ago
ya your right i confess for that. Here is my code

AT+CPBW=11, 4356729012,129,Carry
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 3 seconds)

When i set mValue="AT+CPBW=?\r"; in above addContacts code it gives following output

+CPBW: (1-250),24,(128-255),14 // 1-250 is Index i.e sim memory location,24 is mobile number and 128-255 is type and 14 is text name for mobile no


I have passed values according to above format but gave Error mentioned in first code.

5 years ago
hi friends I'm designing a PC Suite in java. I want to insert a contact into sim card which is in Dongle (NetSetter Modem). I can fetch and delete contacts from sim but cant add new contact. I have used following at command to add

Please somebody help me as I have no idea how to add contact please ..

5 years ago
My code is
5 years ago
@ Jeff Thank you ya definitely I'll try myself.
5 years ago
I have a dongle with Docomo sim card and i want to write java code such that when i click on connect button my dongle will establish internet connection please need help. good if provide code.
Else at least let me know what i have to read for that to know
5 years ago
hey friends I've designed forms using swing in 1024 by 786 but it doesn fit in 800 by 600. Once i had designed swing in 1200 ir something more resolution and id didn't fit in 1024. All text filed n all get off the screen.

I used BoxLayout to swing where i will add another swing which had free design .

So i just want to know which is best layouts combination to use ? and how to get rid of this resolution problems. If i design a project in a system that doesn't fit in other system its ludicrous please guys need guidance .
5 years ago