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Recent posts by Ishan Pandya

Is the Jar Executable Jar?
7 years ago
What error are you getting on the command prompt when you run?
Can you show the package structure of the program?
7 years ago
Hi and congratulations for the book. I am appearing for upgrade java SE 8 exam from java SE 6. I am quite aware to new features of java 7 and 8 but not in depth that I can appear for exam. Will this book cover the java 7 and 8 topics? Obviously yes but I am asking about the practice questions for the new features specifically. Will I have a full exam after I complete reading the book? Mock exams?
Hi Ken,

I have worked in groovy for 2 months for my project related requirement. It was a great fun for me. But I want to ask that how is it possible to know or learn groovy programming syntax? As in if I want to learn all the basic syntax of groovy, as groovy compiler compiles the java code also I always write Java syntax for quick development then I come to know that there is very short way to write the same thing using groovy syntax. I am aware of the groovy documentation, but does your video fulfills all the basic coding syntax's of groovy that is used regularly?

Ishan Pandya
9 years ago
A great thread to read. Thank you Junilu for spending time to share the knowledge of TDD.
I followed the thread from the starting and have coded for VendingMachine and CustomerPanel.
I will post some of my code here, For some feedback from Junilu or anyone else.

I understand that there is no documentation done on any of the method.

Great topic by s ravi chandran.
9 years ago
Yes I meant DOS attack. Thank Junilu Lacar.
Does this book describes a third party tool or app for implementing all this security points as described in table of contents? or it is just done by using Core Servlets?
9 years ago

I read about the book summery which says like Defend against cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery etc.
A common problem comes with website is load balancing. That may be overcome using more hardware, but does this book describes to identify the continuous incoming fake requests (May be obtained through a Javascript or something else) which increases the load on the server for no reason?
9 years ago
After a rigorous research i found out the solution. May be helpful to someone.
here is the solution.

2 Steps:

1) added a dependency in pom.xml

2) Added a filer mapping in the web.xml

And thats it. it all worked for me.
Cheers guys.
9 years ago
I am trying to create a web service and its client.
Web service - JAX- RS (Using jersey for that i.e org.glassfish.jersey.containers)
Client - an Ajax request calling that service.
Basically this webservice data will be accessed from a mobile. So i have to keep domain different.

Code for Webservice's one of the method which I am calling through ajax.

Ajax code.

And the error is "XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://localhost:8080/TestService/rest/CategoryList No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'null' is therefore not allowed access. "

I searched on the same error on google but not able to find the solution.
Please can any one suggest a solution?
9 years ago
May be you should use variable as in "Receive" servlet and then append the values in it.
And there is no JSP displaying the output after you "Receive" servlet. It is just the servlet flusing the output stream and giving the response.
9 years ago
I have found out a link to define the activationSpec but it is for IBM server. How to define it in WildFly??
MDB of my project has following annotations.:

Is it something related to ActivationSpec and queue/topic??
I have not changed or added anything in standalone-full.xml after I have downloaded "Wild-fly 8 final". I searched those two thing that you just said. But didnt find any in my standalone-full.xml.
I am sorry but I didnt get you. Are this things you are asking for are declared in standalone-full.xml or in the MDB code??
I have searched in my standalone-full.xml for connection-factory and found the following:


There is code for queue:

Is it what you are asking for?

I am very new to EJB. Started with Session bean demo which was working fine. (created a jar file which had EJB and a WAR file which had servlet)

But face some issues when created MDB . (For that also created a JAR file which had EJB and a WAR file which had servlet)
I have used in servlet and in MDB. I hope that's fine.

I am using WildFly 8 application server in "standalone-full" mode.
But while deploying it I got some errors of missing dependencies. Trace of my application server log is as follows:

This example is taken from the EJB 3.1 Cookbook's 1st Chapter. I have searched on but didnt get it. Have only used CDI annotations and no xml.

Removed few lines of code from the top which i guess was not necessary, to make it short.
Hope this question is in right thread.