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Recent posts by ohimai anthony

please i still need help with asynchronous servlets. i need a book that addresses it in details. thank you all.
hi guys, I am preparing for the ocejwcd exam. but i can't seem to get a comprehensive tutorial on asynchronous processing in servlet. Can anybody please help me, I am getting a bit desperate.
the hardcoded is probably asking you to put your password in the verification code. meaning you can only change the password inside your code. you don't have to save the password on a database or any other medium.
12 years ago
hi guys, can you advice me on a good and up to date tutorial/book on using AJAX in JAVA web development. I'm studying for the ocejwcd exam. thank you for your speedy response.
I took my ocpjp 6 exam yesterday and scored 95%. I want a big Thank you to every one that replied to my various posts. Your encouragement and wonderful advise was more than enough for me.
12 years ago
I did the OCP java se 6 programmer practice exams, on practice exam 1 got 67%, on practice exam 2 I got 72% and on the final practice exam, I got 70% is that good enough?
does the exam still provide the number of correct answer(s) for each question? reply needed urgently. Thank you.
do objects assigned to a static reference ever get garbage collected in java.
My ocpjp exam comes up next week. is there any mock exam that is really close to the real exam. I did ethunware's most missed test and scored 53%, should i be freaking out?
i also did examlab final exam and scored 68%. are these mock exams much tougher than the real exam? please your responses are needed urgently. thank you.
thank you all so so much. I guess I just have to run the program as many times as possible to see the differences.
I understand that the three threads share the same variable x, since it is not local. what I don't get is - why does loop have to execute exactly five times. the result should be unpredictable. Once one of the threads gets the value of x to 3, the loops should stop.
the loop always runs five times before terminating instead of just 3 times.
can someone please explain what is happening in this code. I am getting funny results.

i think because there are two aliases, refferring to the same object, the two ferences have to be nulled or out of scope for the object to be garbage collected.

When is the B object, created in line 3, eligible for garbage collection?

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