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Recent posts by Ignacio Peluffo

Ivan Krizsan wrote:Hi!
There are a couple options that you can use:

  • If the web service is a SOAP web service, or a REST web service with a WADL, then you can issue a HTTP HEAD request for the WSDL or WADL document.
  • Implement a special "ping" operation (SOAP) in the web service, or "ping" resource (REST), that you call (SOAP) or GET (REST).

  • Best wishes!

    Thank you very much for your response.

    Finally, I've decided to implement a special "ping" operation. However, I tried the other option but it didn't work really well because I had some problems with the server certificate (the communication was throw https).

    Thanks again!
    9 years ago
    Hi all!

    I have a basic question related with Webservices implemented with CXF.

    How can I check if a Webservice is alive before using it? I searched in the forum, Google and I couldn't find any information about this...

    Thanks in advance!
    9 years ago