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Recent posts by sinatra roger

A bit too late to post here. But still giving a go. Dear Folks, below is a piece of modern RPG code:

2 weeks ago

In the code given above, can somebody help me understand the use of next() function? this post method is called by a form submission. So what would the value passed to next? Please guide.
Thank you! The answer I have been looking for. Most books I had a look at so far seemed to stop at DOM manipulation. But this seems to go into detail.
So I would like to get some guidance on the roadmap to follow to understand JS basics before learning node. Kindly if someone could guide, it would be very helpful.
I did. But I think all the tutorials I have gone through was focusing on how to use JS just as a front-end toy for validation and message displays etc. Things like callback functions and asynchronous programming techniques were never discussed.

In short, they were too basic I guess.
I meant square brackets in the above question and not angular brackets.
Hey there guys,

I am interested in learning Node.js and came across a tutorial that shows how to build a local library website using Express.js and Node.js.

The site mentioned that the only pre-requisite for the course is basic knowledge of JavaScript. I did have basic knowledge of JavaScript enough for stuff like DOM Manipulation, form validation etc.

But as I advance through the course, I feel more as if I dont have the necessary basic knowledge to go through the course comfortably.

For example, I am struggling to understand the above code Snippet. I really do not know about the usage of angular brackets in JS and had never come across it until now.

This definitely points out the fact that I am missing a substantial basic javascript knowledge.

Can somebody please guide on what all is mandatory before learning Node.JS? please don't say web system architecture and internet security to complicate the question. My question is specific to Javascript and I'm talking about hobby scale projects here.

Thanks a lot for your help. This makes it easier to understand. I am still trying to get accustomed to this type of programming where functions are nested inside functions and callback techniques etc. Though I have been able to follow most of the tutorial (, I think a good knowledge on these Javascript programming techniques would have been really helpful. Can you point out on a good book which explains these techniques specific to JS?
Hi Guys,

I am trying to learn Node.js through a hands-on course which said that the only prerequisite was basic knowledge of JavaScript. Though i've got a reasonable idea of Routes, Controllers, complex areas of javascript still seem like a mystery.

For example in the below piece of code, can somebody explain why "callback" is written inside the function parenthesis? also, I assume that the results returned by the function are passed into a variable named genre. Is the ':' following genre a substitute to '='?

Paul Clapham wrote:

Tim Holloway wrote:You might want to check your IBM resources. I think you can write web applications in RPG these days

Yes, I can confirm that's true, I actually did it once. (I was the person in charge of Trying New Stuff in our IT department, that's why.) But I highly disrecommend that idea.

Umm I think we are going slightly off track here. I don't need to write web programs for the ibm i. It's a new web application that's I wanna create for employee performance management and I have decided to do that using nodejs. What I am looking for is guidance/tutorials on how multi user web apps are created using node js. Hello
1 month ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:

sinatra roger wrote:Yup I do know the basics of javascript. But I was thinking that maybe Node.js is more complicated to learn compared to PHP and there would be more similar such applications written in PHP/MySQL compared to Node which might be more helpful. Please share your thoughts about that.

I'd say learning a whole new language and ecosystem is more difficult than just learning a new ecosystem.

Also, can you please help me find answers to the other questions I posted? Is a multi-user website where each user gets his own personal page when logged in difficult to implement?

Most web apps are multi-user web apps so support and frameworks are geared for this. That said, security is never easy. Be sure not to try and roll your own.

Is that easily done using Node.js?

It's really not something that's language or framework specific. If you were going to approach it using just JS (personally, I'd use Java on the server, but I already know Java and its ecosystem well) I'd advise using NodeJS and Express to set up a RESTful API, and use React/Redux on the client for the presentation.

If you want to learn PHP, that's fine too.

Learning Node.js really seems to be the sensible thing to do compared to PHP. I guess jQuery can be used on the client side?

Please advise what a good point would be to get the learning process started (books, tutorials etc.)? 

As I mentioned before I know the basic syntax of javascript and a bit of jQuery. Specifically, if there are tutorials  that show how to build multi-user web apps, that's what I would prefer.

And as far as whether my organization decides to buy a third-party tool or not, I have decided to build this application for personal gains irrespective.
1 month ago
Yup that was another question I had in mind. There might be so many other products available in the market already for something like this. Would you be able to advise if most organizations would prefer buying an existing one and then customising it or would it be of some benefit to develop something like this in-house.
1 month ago
Yup I do know the basics of javascript. But I was thinking that maybe Node.js is more complicated to learn compared to PHP and there would be more similar such applications written in PHP/MySQL compared to Node which might be more helpful. Please share your thoughts about that.

Also, can you please help me find answers to the other questions I posted? Is a multi-user website where each user gets his own personal page when logged in difficult to implement? Is that easily done using Node.js?Which would you suggest is a good tutorial to learn Node.js?
1 month ago
Hi All,

I am fairly new to web programming and have some amount of knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Up to an extent where I can understand code with Googles help.

I am an RPG programmer (an IBM i Programming language) at the organization I work for where most applications used for business processes are written in RPG and apps used for internal purposes (such as payroll etc) are written in VB.

There are no applications used internally which are used by each of the employees for internal purposes. A project is on its way where an application needs to be built for employee performance review.

This application should allow employees to define their goals for a year and should allow managers to give feedback at the end of the year. There is a proposal to build this as a web application.

I believe that this is going to be a work of moderate complexity and PHP + MySQL should be ideal for this job. The reason why I came to this conclusion is that there are many articles that seem to suggest that PHP is comparatively easier to learn compared to other languages (ruby, python etc.).

Though I have some confidence in building a website with HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. what really i have no clue is about how to handle multiple users in a web app?

What concepts do I need to learn/be aware of this? When a user logs in, he should see his recorded goals and his feedback. If the employee is a manager(has employees under him), he should have the ability to give feedback as well as record own goals.

How is this user management done? Also, is really some sort of web hosting required to run an app like this? is there some way this can be hosted locally within an organisation?

1 month ago
Hello All,

I am currently looking to learn technologies that will help me build a career as a web developer (primary interest is in javascript). Took up the complete web developer course in Udemy and am halfway through it.So far, I have learned the basics of Javascript and went through the Jquery for dummies book and I think I can build some basic websites. I was just about to dig deeper into Jquery attempting to build something like a complete web app or a game written in it which was when I saw in the great WWW that Jquery is almost dead and it would be much better off learning newer JS based technologies.

Before resuming the rest of the course in Udemy(which covers PHP, wordpress, twitter bootstrap, mySQL and Python), I would like to dig deeper into Javascript and related things.

But here comes the big question. What exactly to learn and in which order?

There seems to be tons of stuff to be covered. Node.js, angularJS, ember.js, react, redux .. Oh my GOD!! My head is reeling

The first step I am gonna be doing is complete the "ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer's Guide" in Udemy. But where to go from there after that? What to learn? AngularJS or NodeJS? I really don't know.

Can the expert JS developers here please guide on how to proceed?
1 month ago