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Campbell Ritchie wrote:It is worth trying the following instructions at a terminal (root or sudo access not required):If you get no response to the which instructions, you will have to search for the java tool. You should see what the PATH points to, and it is best to have an empty system CLASSPATH.

here's the output - after netbeans installation -

the last echo command has no output.
9 years ago
@ Vijay Kalkundri: I did try that too. Still the same error shows up

@ Campbell Ritchie: Thanks for the greeting

I have uninstalled both JDK7 and JRE7:

and re-installed them, but nothing happened .. the same error shows up

one of my friends suggested to install netbeans and things will turn to be OK. And for my surprise, he was right!!
I still don't know what happened in the underlying OS, and that means I need to read more and more about linux and Ubuntu.

Thanks guys for your concern
9 years ago

I have installed JDK 7:

also, I have installed jre:

I opened my text editor ( Geany ) and created a new file, named it "" and started to salute the world:

I saved the file on the desktop, so:

and now here is the result:

any help?
thanks in advance ..
9 years ago