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I need to parse the following JSON string:

String json="[{"property":"first","value":"John"},{"property":"age","value":31}]";
SomeObject result=Parser.parseJson(json);

and be able to invoke

result.get("first") // John


result.get("age") // 31

I would appreciate your help
8 years ago
It seems there is no way to access facesContext during web app initialization.

facesContext is an object of request scope and cannot be accessed from another thread.

I would do it in ServletContextAttributeListener.attributeAdded(), but managed bean are instantiated lazily.

Any thoughts?
11 years ago

I need to read some configuration data from a JSF managed bean and record it to a database, when a web application starts. Ideally I would like to do it in the listener's contextInitialized() method, however, FacesContext is not available at this point.

Which approach would you recommend?

11 years ago
Have anyone tried Certgear Systems SCDJWS simulatorweb page?

Is it worth buying it?
Thank you, Bill.

Everything's clear now
14 years ago
Following is a quote from "Hibernate in Action" book:

<quote>The job of the servlet filter is to close the Session before the
response is sent to the client (and after all views are rendered and actions are executed).</quote>

Is this approach feasible? As I understand, container invokes a filter BEFORE forwarding to a controller servlet. Can filters be invoked AFTER servlets and JSP pages finish their work to commit work and close Hibernate Session?
14 years ago

Do you know when the rest of the Whizlabs simulator will be available?
They say it's an interim version. I am going to buy it when they launch a full version.
Currently Whizlabs is selling the interim version of the 287 simulator. You pay the full price and get just 156 questions instead of 410 questions (full version).

They say that you are entitled for FREE (after you paid the full price(?)) upgrade to the simulator, but they don't say WHEN (?) they are going to issue the upgrade.

You can see they launched the interim version in August 31, 2004. Now after 2.5 months the full version still hasn't been launched.

They assume that you need to prepare more than 2.5 months using their simulator (we don't know how long precisely). I believe Nicolas is right, you can prepare much faster with Howard's book.
Hi Vijay S. Rathore,

Currently, Whizlabs is offering the Interim version of the WebSphere (287) Exam Simulator comprising 156 questions spread across 3 mock exams of varying difficulty levels. Customers buying the Interim version are entitled for FREE upgrade to the Whizlabs WebSphere (287) Exam Simulator (Full version).

When is the full version going to be available?
Hi Bala,

Thank you for sharing your experience. A while ago I was planning to take this exam and even read the spec... I don't even remember why I didn't take it. Can you design one or two questions typical for this exam?

Are you planning to take intermediate and advanced exams?
Vijay, when is your exam going to production?
Environment: Websphere 4.0, Oracle 9
I am trying to read/write Clob object using Oracle sample from
When I use datasource connection and try to get a ResultSet, it throws
being unable to cast IBM proxy to OracleResultSet.
Was anyone able to overcome this problem?
Is it allowed to create threads or schedule Timers inside servlets?
16 years ago
Hi Pradeep,
When are you releasing the mock exam?