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aish sharma

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since Mar 06, 2012
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Recent posts by aish sharma

HI all,

Thanks for the help ...

I have tried the below code , i think its working ... not tested it yet completely.

7 years ago
Hi All,

I am new to java , can anyone help me how to compair string value with integer??

Please see the below code...

but i am getting an error...please help me to solve this

7 years ago
HI All,

Please read the below data carefully and help me to solve error.

I have created one loop which will call the below function multiple times. First time the function is working properly but in second time i am unable to connect to the database . I think the problem is at conn = ds.getConnection(); . Because in second time i am able to print the value up to

System.out.println("connection 1,2 is null"); It is not going to print the statement -->System.out.println("con value is");

please help me ... why i am not getting the value of conn second time.

See the below code.

its not executing the above line it directly goes to the

Sumit Patil wrote:Hi Aish,

I tried to analyze your code, but it seems, its out of my scope.

The error message states

" SEVERE: >>org.zkoss.zel.PropertyNotFoundException: Property '0' not found on type demo.grid.hierarchy.Customer "

I guess, the property '0' is not set in customer class in your code, since you are using it in your mainPage, try replacing this 0 with some property in the Customer class.

Not sure this will helps or not.

ok np...

i hv just debug the code and got to know my problm but not getting the solution.

please look the below two codes one is from static data which is executing correctly and one is dynamic(i.e from database) having the problm at the last line. if you can try again that will very helpful to me.

see the two code difference i am trying to make it dynamic

static code-

dynamic data(i.e from database)

i above my code is executing fine up to while staement . only there is an problm with

if you can correct this line that will solve my problm.

Sumit Patil wrote:Can you post the full error message you are getting?

Hi Sumit , thanks for trying to help me .please see the above error
please see the below error.

Hi All,

NOTE:Please read the below data carefully.

I am having littlebit idea about java, not in detail. I am having an problm with database connectivity from java class and fetch the table of database.

Please see the below code, i can run the static data but i want convert it in to dynamic so please help me.i am getting an error.I amtrying to implement the below code in ZK framework. And mainPage.zul contains the code. for more clarification you can see the link "" but here iwant to connect it to the database.

for database connectivity changes, i have tried to modify the above code but i am getting null pointer exception,

please help me to solve the above problm
Hi All,

I am new to this .

I have to write the below code in main properties. Is it for setting the path of unix server.

i am having an file on windoew D drive
with name OE.txt

and i want to transfer this file on linux server , having the path- /home/user01/FileUpload

so that the above code looks like

Is it right or wrong i dont know but please help me for the right code.


7 years ago