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not here to teach english.. but the answer is right..(invalidate)
as the question is for a method to get rid of a session associated with the request.
Sita, Congrats for clearing the exam with such a good score.
reg. certifications helping in securing a job,
only certification may not help,but if you have to compete with another person of same qual. certification will come to the rescue. it will also help in picking up your resume from the pile,if you have those logos on it.
And it will give some confidence to your manager to give u a job.
these are my views.. i'm eager to hear wht others r gonna say..
Here are my answers..
3. Yes your understanding is right.
4. doXXX() methods are declared protected so that only child/same objects can call those methods. It makes sure that only servlet object calls the doXXX()
5.HttpServlet is made abstract to makesure that no one creates an instance of HTTPServlet object directly without creating its child classes.
6.YES when HttpServlet receives a HTTP request it calls Service(HttpReq,HttpRes). It also contains the service(ServletRequest,ServletResponse) to provide functionality for service method of GenericSErvlet method.
7. The servlet in include will use the passed req/response pair for its processing and will not generate any error/exception unless for other reasons.
10.Will display exception on browser.
11. Root-cause exception is the exception at the base of exception trace. ususally thrown by user coded methods.
any corrections need to be made ???
Thnx Axel,
I'll do that.. And I may take the 488 around April first week, if i clear 483 next week. All the best for your test .. keep in touch
IBM Certified Enterprise Developer ...
Any help ???
Donno if this forum is the right place to put this question, but I'm going to ask this.. (moderators.. pls dont shout at me)
Is there any help available on net for IBM 483 test. Soemthing similer to this forum for SCWCD,
I booked for the test on next tues day(march 5th)
Anyhelp provided is greatly appriciated.
rephasing Satya's words..
Every App. server can have multiple web-applications. Each web application will have one servlet context under wihch all the servlets of the perticular applications will run.
Each web app. is mapped to a logical path on the server.
Servlets with in a web app. can communicate with each other using servlet context. For a detailed discussion read SRV.3 from servlet specification.
hope this helps
can you explain us how they can communicate ? it will be helpful to others too if u can give some example.
Kewl Score srini.. Whats next ?
keep it up
Regarding IDE try FOrte community edition from Sun.
For books I think to prepare for the test in the shortest possible time is Sun spec.s and j2ee tutorial. Read the michelle's notes to brushup before the exam. (thats what i did.)
hope these 2 cents help.
You are 101% right. There is no method mentioned in the specifications to communicate to the inner tags from outer tags.

I feel IBM certification in the Jcert path got more recognition in the industry than others.
486 is a good starting point as it is common for all other company certifications too.
Enterprise developer is a good path to take if you got the time to do that..
all the best
Congrats .. Grest score.
Regarding the survey.. i dont think it affects the way we get questions. _ remember reading that in some fine print of the pre-exam stuff given by Sun.
Whats your next step ?
Thats kewl score .. CONGRATS