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Recent posts by Edward Strife

I am trying to get a way to sort this singly linked list by the last names that have been entered into it. I thought I might try a bubble sort but I am having problems traversing the list by the second element and comparing. The list contains only 3 names right now as console entries but it should have 10 names when I am done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

11 years ago
Is there a straightforward way for me to reset the text on that JLabel every time I hit the Enter button?
12 years ago
values is supposed to be output in the applet in bottomLabel JLabel
12 years ago
process() keeps track of the number of comparisons (numComparisons) as it sorts the list. This value is returned and used in the statement values = process(size);
12 years ago

My program needs to generate a list of random integers, the size being entered by the user. Then it needs to sort the list using the Selection Sort algorithm, keeping track of the comparisons made.

I think I have done well so far but for some reason the number of comparisons required are not printing to the screen.

12 years ago

I have completed all the required calculations however I am a bit stuck as how to format them for proper output. Since my loops are contained in their own method I cannot iterate through them one by one. The output should resemble:

John Doe 23% 13%
Jane Doe 32% 47%

However my output resembles:

John Doe
Jane Doe

(Spaces replace the periods shown in this example)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12 years ago
I only get the sales total and expense total, however I have tried numerous ways to print each person with their percentages to no avail.
12 years ago
I am trying to print a sales report with each members name and their percentage of sales and expenses. I should be using a loop that runs the length of the sales list and use next() method to get each salesperson and then my observer methods to return the information about the salesperson. Something isn't right.

12 years ago
I get an error when calling next() during my return SalesPerson method.
Here is the SortedListOfSalesperson:

And my abstract list class:

12 years ago
When trying to add person to my list I get the cannot find symbol.

My sorted list class:

My initial list class:

12 years ago
I need to print out the percentages of total sales and total expenses for each salesperson. For some reason I am only getting the last salespersons name and percentages. Also before my list starts, it outputs all names and the last persons percentages.

The text file (sales.txt) shows:

Smith Kevin
80475 3966.27
Medina Norelis
71040 5677.21
Bailey Van
28305 11276.65
Keepes Karen
58830 7388.15
Keepes Ron
64935 6532.68
Carey Harry
34410 10810.03
Hairy Mata
40515 9954.56
Hurry Mata
52725 8243.62
Hurry Caine
46620 9099.09
Petz Edz
77145 4821.74
12 years ago
Here is my improved code. However I do currently have one issue. When I print my alternating symbols method, its prints the board twice. I am not sure why. Earlier I attempted to put that portion of the method in a while loop using a count to try and end it but that did not work out for me. Any more help would be greatly appreciated.


12 years ago
I am trying to print the board to output after each change. The first change sets the entire board to one symbol. The second change sets the board to alternating symbols. I need the printBoard() method to only print the board, not modify it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12 years ago
So right now once the user has inputted the board size, the program ends. I need to continue with each case of the switch. I am not sure how to do this.

12 years ago