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Recent posts by Tarun Trehan

Implementing the method of activity solved the problem.
I tracked the navigation in a global stack and then handled the stack and invoked specific fragments/activities depending on the navigation history.
Custom history and back tracking for fragments is th best option especially when there are multiple entry points for one fragment.
4 years ago
I am writing an android application where when user clicks on a item on navigation drawer, a new fragment is initiated to handle the use case respective to the click.

There are several entry or trigger points for one fragment. Eg : List of posts is shown under various options; Recent Post List , Top Post List , Category Post List.
From these fragments, when user clicks on a post; the selected post is opened.

Now, I need to handle "back" button click here. As of now, clicking back exits the application.
If I add calls during fragments; it does not function in the desired manner and traversal history is not maintained.

I can post code snippets if required but for now i wanted to know where i am wrong and what is the solution i can try.
Looking forward to core concept associated here.

Added Code Snippet :
4 years ago
One simple example is stated in a post Ping Server For Status & Action
I had to monitor services on my blog i.e. whether it is responding or not.
Hopefully it will help you.
Thanks Ulf.

Looks like android does not have an API i am looking for.
However, i found this thread useful and may try to implement my functionality by leveraging it.

Android : How to Know Contact Change
6 years ago

I have developed a small android application : Contact Updater Utility

The app suggests updates to contacts that do not have country code appended in the beginning.

I want to add a functionality to this app which can alert the user to add country code when the contact is created or updated.
I had read about services that can run in background and check periodically for changed contacts; but that is not something i want to leverage.

So to implement this;"Can i have an event listener/receiver in android which gets triggered when a contact is created or updated ?"
If i can receive this broadcast, i can go ahead to add my functionality.
6 years ago
Thanks for the inputs.
Certainly helpful.
6 years ago
Thanks for the inputs Claude.

I agree for the 1st point of looking at the query; but we have a lot of data displayed from varied sources and hence the queries can take a long time especially during peak loads.

I continuation to the 2nd point;
  • Can you suggest the calculation guidelines for a connection pool ? Any reference material will also help ? I have a breif idea; but want to be sure.
  • The public websites like banking/payments must be having huge connection pool and ensuring short lived transactions only to satisfy a huge customer base;right ??

  • 6 years ago
    I have a web application developed in Java/J2EE connecting to a warehouse at the back end.
    We have IBM WAS as the application server and there is a data source defined in it for database connections.
    The connection pool has is set to a maximum pool size of 30.
    There are several times when the DB queries can take upto 1-2 minutes and hence user waits at the front end.

    What will happen in a scenario when 40 or more different concurrent users access a screen that is running a query at the back end taking 1-2 minutes.

    1. As per the WAS setting, there can be a maximum of 30 connections to DB,right ??
    2. WAS will wait untill a DB connection finishes processing and returns the connection to pool; so it can be assigned to next request in queue ??
    6 years ago

    Appreciate a response and inputs on this query.

    I am facing a similar situation and found the post useful with clear statement of "Connect Exception" the only way to know if server is up.
    However, is it Ok to put some processing/business logic in catch ??
    More details on my specific issue at the following link :
    Ping Server For Status & Action
    Hi All,

    I have a blog site for which i need to check the status and send an alert if the blog is not up and running.
    I need to repeat this task every 30 minutes(configurable in code). Though i have couple of other questions which i can come to later; my initial one is that:
    "If the server has not been started/not responding , there is problem and i should get a notification/alert for it.
    I wrote the java code for this. However, whenever the server is not started, i do not get a proper response code; instead i get a "Connect Exception".
    Hence, i have to call the alert/notification code from an exception."
    Is that correct (to initiate a business scenario from a catch block) or am i missing something here ??

    Following are some code snippets.

    I agree with you on Spring part. It allows method level interception(before-after).
    If you want method level interception for various methods, you might have to leverage regular expressions withing AOP.
    I haven't implemented these though.
    However, what you're looking for; i have not seen that in Struts.
    7 years ago

    SCWCD has its focus on Web Development.
    Preparing for the exam will take you through a typical request response cycle in J2EE. It will also take you through the concepts like filter and web deployment including security features.
    Whether you take the exam or not; preparing for it and studying can easily help you build a web application.
    "Head First Servlets & JSP" is a nice book that keeps you interested with its interactive interface and describes basics very well.
    I have studied this book; however i'm not a SCWCD; so can't say about the weight my advice carries
    All the Best !!!

    Thanks for you inputs.
    I was able to accomplish task with above code.
    Listed, entire solution description here.
    7 years ago

    I was assigned a task at work where i was involved in an ETL process to load data from source file to warehouse. The date formats in source files vary from one source provider to another.
    Hence, i needed a may to validate input string against multiple formats and implemented this solution.