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Comal Rajagopalaratnam Muthukumar

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Recent posts by Comal Rajagopalaratnam Muthukumar

Matt Wong wrote:first: get rid of applets - they're dead
second: the code you posted doesn't make sense in any way
third: there's a loop and sleep inside a method run in EDT - a gui no-go - in any language
Maybe you should try to re-phrase what you want to accomplish so we can try to help you in some usefull direction.

Dear RanchGuide
I am delighted to get nice respnse though only after several days.Thanks
I agree with you of your latest informations on applets.
Contextually i condole  for the demise of age old tradtionally good service an applet has rendered
Now,an alterbate as per your suggestion:
Simply download  Eleright..txt and Elicopter.gif files at one place
Replace the txt extension by .html extension(Eleright)
The file should now be Eleright.html
Open this html file ina browser
Then use the Button to animate
Lastly stop Button to stop
If you have HTML editotor it ill definitely work .In interbet explorer(Browser) right animation may not be possible
Please reply if sucees
[ code]HTML>
     <title>JavaScript Animation</title>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        <!-- <br />            var imgObj = null; <br />            var animate ; <br />           function init(){ <br />               imgObj = document.getElementById('myImage'); <br />      'relative'; <br />      = '0px'; <br />            } <br />            function moveRight(){ <br />      = parseInt( + 10 + 'px'; <br />               animate = setTimeout(moveRight,20); // call moveRight in 20msec <br />            } <br />            function stop(){ <br />               clearTimeout(animate); <br />      = '0px'; <br />            } <br />            window.onload =init; <br />         //-->

Click the buttons below to handle animation

        <input type="button" value="Start" onclick="moveRight();" />
        <input type="button" value="Stop" onclick="stop();" />

5 months ago
Can my gif file be made use of to modify the same so that the elecopter.gif starts flying up
An applet  java prg does this .(java applet program shown )How to modify my gif file
to function like the java prg or how to get the java plug for this.

Advance thanks

5 months ago

Henry Wong wrote:This week, we're delighted to have Ben Forta helping to answer questions about the new book

specialising  in one aspect of many things is nice instead of many things( too many cooks spoil the broth )
the book is one fitting example of the many java   on behalf of the forum
best wishes
6 months ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:

First, a big thanks to James Denton for being here to promote the book
Hi dear ones

On behalf  of the forum my Best Wishes for the winners while i still extend my humble better luck for the non winners

6 months ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I don't understand. HTML is just text.

Thanks a lot for your notifying that  any html file sent in an email that it should invariably be downloaded  first
and then only the same should be opened in a browswer.
This is obvious because the enclosed html file as shown in the attahement. is self explanatry since the html file is merely indicating the file name
without getting itself opened in a mailserver(supposed to act as browser)  unlike other png file.which opens
I failed to inform my relarive about owloding.
Though it is pretty small error that resulted somuch of correction.
Many thanka
6 months ago
I sent ant an email to a relative  enclosing an html file (not the html codeoly the e formated  but But the html was not the destinyWhat is the best and forrmat to send.Normally a png file gets opened in a browsere
But the html (e) is totaly keeping unopened though in my computer the Html is ablle to display by internetwexplorer
can any one assist me
Thanks in advance
6 months ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:This week, we're delighted to

On this auspicious Navaratri festival may i wish you all the succeess that would go towards the book for a grandslam
indeed on behalf of  esteemd java ranch foruum
6 months ago
In the recent past having developed interet in applet formation via java prg,i endeavoured mishap
for creating  an applet .I also tried to use the extra features that is listed
while tha applet started  indication appeared on execution of my applet program in
nothing happened . No applet no extrafeatures helped me.
The coded applet prog is no way inferior to any normal prg inlieu of the compilation success
Can any one help me the extra features usage more clearly in case of failure of applet not appearing.
The attachment shows the screenshot of my  no applet screen
6 months ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:This week, we're delighted to have Daryl Kulak & Hong Li helping to answer questions


My  sincere best wishes for the enchanting book titlled Journy to enterprise invoking  in me the similar titled movie Journey to the centre of earth .during my school days.

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:This week, we're delighted to have Karl Beecher helping to answer questions

8 months ago

Carey Brown wrote:Comal, the image you posted needs to be replaced. The screen shot needs to larger. It is unreadable. Also the text at the bottom should have

Thanks for the indentify prg.
 please let me urge you with the details
The QuationBank classs does the following
!)opens Text file to write the questions with four multple achoice ansewes
2)My main request is how best i code at the NexHandler for enabling me to iterate
this Handler to check  if the answers are written wirh corresponing question(Panel )
3)But surprisingly though printing has been at the console but My QuestionBank panel is unable to indicate this iterated behavior
from the console
3)This is done using local variable like qNo,curRec recCnt count etc(please note that local variable
is differet frm instant varicles as such  initialising is done at the NextHandler Method only)
It is here you may do the eedfull by appropriate initialsngNothing more than that is required
as the program is functiong well
Lastly the screen is emlatged
Thanks once again
9 months ago
9 months ago