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Recent posts by S Subbu

Yes I have all the jar file in my class path
11 years ago
Hi Ranchers what's up
11 years ago
Hi all,

I am working with spring MVC 3.1 doing small project for getting experience on it . I have good knowledge on struts. I am getting Problem with validating the user data in Spring MVC.

Everything is working fine but the form data was not validated. I hope every thing is configured correctly but I was unable to find out the problem. Please check my code and advise me for getting validation .

Below I specify the code I am using in this process


And My Model that contains form data

And my Jsp Page

And my spring configuration File

11 years ago
System.out.println("Flow Object was Created ") is displayed on console,
the method calling and statements after the method calling are not executed.
Hi Everybody,

I got a problem in my work. I prepared a jar file in my local system. it works fine at my system. I give up that jar file to my team member he included it in build path on MyEclipse IDE .

The problem is we created an object for a class exist in that jar file , object was created but the methods are not invoked.

What is the problem I can't understand that jar was working well at my system.

Supporse I have the logic like this

Hi to all,

Please suggest me how to configure c3p0 with tomcat server for connection pooling . I am trying with below code

But it not works, how to configure and to test my initial poolsize.
11 years ago

We have a project. The whole project was developed with out placing doctype. That is some one year back project we decided to change menu related code. Replace that menu code with jQuery accordion effect. All things are going fine but when slideup we got some blink (with doctype that blinking was not coming).But when i place doctype the remaining tabs will not be executed. With out doctype that was executed perfectly in IE (we are using only IE). The problem is Placing doctype in my jsp page my page was hangout. i dont know the reason for that . That project was developed by some other persons using prototype.js and scriptaculous.js .

when i was change the time of slide effect is reduced to 200 that blinking effect not appears. what is the reason for that. No solution for that problem?
Hi to all , i am new to JQuery

I got a problem with slideDown Effect .

the below code is explain it

From the above code it will work fine in the presence of doctype , but when i did not place doctype("http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd" dtd) we got a blink at last of the effect.

I need the slide down effect in the absence of doctype . how can i achieve it.

thanks in advance.

Hi to all,

I have a small problem , i am doing on web project in that when i mouse over on hyperlink or submit button the path of the jsp page is displayed in the status bar . Is it
possible to hide that things.

And explain what is the purpose of URLEncoding in javascript where it will used.

Hi to All,

I am new to jQuery , i am using jquery UI bundle for Calendar , Modal Dialog , Dragging effects . The Problem is when i open a dialog box it come in big size. i want to change styles

in jquery UI Bundle . how can i achieve it.

I am getting Big Dialog Boxes and text in that dialog box also big. How to set css files given by JQuery UI Plugin
Thanks Paul.

Now i got some clarity.Thanks to all.
11 years ago
Thanks Matthew Brown , Now i got the point . But i have another doubt

1.what is the need of the hashcode?

2.How java checks two references points same objects?

11 years ago

Thanks Jelle Klap ,Matthew Brown

If two references points same object then == is return true. is it correct , hashcode does not concern for == comparision.

My assumption is if two references hashcodes are equal if and only if two reference points same object .

My assumption is true rather than strings ?

11 years ago
Hi all,

Please any one clarrify my doubt . That is how == method work on Objects references. is if two object have same hashcode then i say that two objects are same .

Consider the follwing things

From the above code , s1 and s2 have same hash code but when i use s1==s2 result is false

Why this happening.

11 years ago
Sorry for that post in JavaScript Topics,

I posted again in J2EE Topics , Please Clarrify about that problem sir.