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Recent posts by Durgesh Agrawal

For EJB Certification you need to read.

Stateful Session Beans
Stateless Session Beans
Message Driven Beans
Singleton Beans

EJB Certification doesn't need you indepth knowledge of Persistent , there is a separate certification for that (JPA certification).

OCP JP6 (93%), OCP JEE5 WCD (98%), OCE JEE6 JPA Developer (89%)
Hi All !

I have passed today 1Z0-898 (Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer Certified Expert Exam) with 89%

I've referred:
1. Pro JPA 2: mastering the Java Persistence API" by Mike Keith, Merrick Schincariol.
2. Also referred these notes are very helpful.
3. Enthuware's JPAD 6.

I took 2 months for preparation and 4 years of experience in Hibernate.

Enthusware test were very helpful, they mostly matches with real time exam, in mock exam I scored 85-89% and I scored same number in real exam.

Here are my tips:
1) Read pro JPA and JPA related notes from
2) Give Enthuware test topic vise, you will have to create your custom test cases.
3) Note down points where you made mistake, read explanation from Enthusware.
4) Again read JPA book and give all 4 Enthusware test. My score for Enthusware tests was 85-89%
5) You have to read PRO JPA book because question are asked from all the topics in book.


Jhon Milton wrote:Durgesh,

You have not answered my questions.

Based on oracle's page couple of conflicts found on your content.

Conflict #1:
The exam objectives shown in your score report still shows beta exam objectives and not the latest exam objectives.

Conflict #2:
Oracle page shows Number of Questions as 64 and your score report shows 59.

Another question, both of your score report shows total number of questions/per topic are same. Does this means that number of questions per objective is fixed?

Please clarify...

Jhon Milton

I think there is some issue with score card, I got 64 questions in real exam and exam topics were as per latest Oracle exam objective.
I'll recommend Enthusware test.

I've pass JPA certification with 89%

See My post

Mikalai Zaikin wrote:

Durgesh Agrawal wrote:Corrected my score in post.

Yes I copied content from Mikalai Zaikin's post, my experience was same.

What was the reason copy-paste my tips and represent them as your own tips ?

Nope, I did copy past because I had similar experience, anyways I've edited my original post. Post could be copy pasted but score was mine own

Jhon Milton wrote:Congrats, Durgesh !

In your subject you mentioned your score as 89% and your content you mentioned as 91%.

What is your correct score ?

The exam objectives found on Oracle site are:

Overview of the Java Persistence API
Introducing the Auction Application
Java Persistence API Entities
Understanding the Entity Manager
Modeling Entity Relationships
Entity Inheritance and Object-Relational Mapping
Persisting Enums and Collections
Introduction to Querying
Using the Java Persistence API Query Language
Using the Java Persistence API Criteria API
Using the Java Persistence API in a Container
Implementing Transactions and Locking
Advanced Java Persistence API Concepts

There is some conflict in your exam score report. Could you please clarify.

Which exam objectives are current Oracle's syllabus?

Jhon Milton

Question in exam were as per exam objectives, all exam objectives are covered in Pro JPA book, also read persistent API related topics from

Mikalai Zaikin wrote:Congrats, Durgesh !

Your post looks familiar to me, was not it copy-pasted from mine earlier post ?

Are you sure that this is your preparation plan and study tips ?

Best regards,

Yes I followed similar plan. Also referred these notes are very helpful.