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Recent posts by Paul Chen

Does anybody have idea about how to exchange data between two browser,repectively in two different session in same machine?
Could I use socket communication in Applet? Should socket communication be under Sandbox?
TKX for any comment,
20 years ago
I read some UML books, which every one have some difference notations. Is UML not standard yet?
Furthermore, they are referred to the detailed design addressed on developer role. Architect role should be on the different level.
Who can give any comments on UML for PartII?

Thanks Shin,
Though we can have remote debug and test tools to debug J2EE application, it is not convenient. Remote debug should assumpt server and ide both have remote debug funtions. Otherwise, no way.
J2SE 1.4 has improve Logging API. But I am not sure if J2EE can get any benifit from it.
Thanks for comments.
When design, which should be earlier order between Sequence diagram and class diagram? This is also to ask a question, which is more abstract between them?
In most books, sequence diagram is in the later chapter than class diagram. So it seems sequence diagram should be more detailed.
please correct me and thanks,
I have 20-25 classes in class diagram.Should all classes appear in sequence diagram? If so, sequence diagram will be much repeated,longer and wider. If not, how to obey consistence of system architecture.
Hope someone give me suggestion.
There are two solutions to generate html:
xslt+xml generate html while jsp generate html.
Which solution is better? I guess jsp is running as servlet status once after tranlation, and xslt and xml will be translated in running period which take overload. So that the second solution has better performance than the first one.
Am I missing something? Very appreciate on correct me.
20 years ago
When developing or learning, trace/debug is neccessary. In J2EE,code can' access external file directly. I try to add socket client in petstore and run in J2ee1.3,but it seems not to connect with external socket server.
assumpt we can't use remote debug, is there other way to trace/debug codes?
Thanks for any comment,
Suppose to create one class and use singleton pattern to create only one instance in one init() of servlets, we can use this instance to share data between multi web apps.
Am I missing something?
20 years ago