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Recent posts by Derek Grey

Hello all,

I am planning on getting a site up and running. I want to purchase a domain from say Vendor A and hosting with Vendor B. From whom should I expect the customized ( email feature?

If it doesn't come with the package then is it better to purchase from the Domain Registering company or from the Hosting company?

18 years ago
I don't hate Paul McCartney's songs but somehow I felt it was like a lullaby on the half-time show...I mean football is a rough man's game...and I thought Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger would've been more appropriate. They should've saved McCartney for Tennis...

Anyways...the Patriots won...and that's all that matters...
18 years ago
International Airlines (Ranked by experiences):
1. KLM Royal Dutch
2. Continental
3. Air India
3. Northwest

Domestic Airlines (Ranked by experiences):
1. Jet Airways (India) -- by far the best. I hope they go international soon.
7. United Airlines
8. Continental
9. Delta
10. US Airways
18 years ago

Here's some examples I could think of

1. India's former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri was poisoned and killed in Tashkent. He was there to sign a peace treaty.

2. Martin Luther King ... what happened to him? This might not sound like a crime but it also doesn't prove that it was not a crime...

3. Elvis ... for the same reasons as # 2

...until I think of a few more.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
There is one from Mexico as well (or do you consider that part of the USA). me USA is USA...which is only a part of the world...just like any other country...simple.

But rather than complain, why not give some examples of unsolved crimes from outside the US?
... I just asked a question...I wasn't complaining.

18 years ago
Unsolved Crimes

The title says "History�s greatest unsolved crimes" but except for "Jack the Ripper" I see only unsolved crimes of USA.

Does that mean there are no "great" unsolved crimes elsewhere in the world?

Should we be worried that security in the US is far lesser than in other countries where no crime goes unsolved?


Is it just one of those stupid, pointless articles from Microsoft written by their brainless writers (the one's who can't differentiate the word "world" from "USA")
18 years ago

Originally posted by Jesse Torres:

I completely agree with you on that point!

I don�t believe in the myth of how illegal aliens only take jobs that Americans don�t want. That is simply a big lie. The truth is that companies want to pay sub par wages; consequently, legals aren�t even considered for these jobs.

illegal aliens ? ... are you talking about workers in the IT field or in the gas stations ? coz IT employed aliens are perfectly legal with work visas.

As far as wages go ... in order to get that work visa the employee/employer must prove to the gov. that they are paying the min. required wage ... this whole process is known as Labor Certification Application (LCA) and the min wages can be found at

After choosing the position and the county you live in the result will show you if the position you lost was due to wage or not.

Now if the wage is set at 40K per annum and you are asking for 60K then you should re-think because its not important in the market if you are skilled in competitive technologies ... its more about the supply-demand equation.
18 years ago
My favorites:

1. Honda Accord
2. Audi TT Coupe
3. Toyota 4Runner
19 years ago
Like someone in the thread said...HTML emails are for marketing and I hate those kinda emails...they are mostly spam and a waste of my time. I'd prefer text-based emails anyday.

GMail is a search-based email its got its own "Big" pluses that other emails don't...its just a matter of personal choice though.
19 years ago
Tell me ... if man landed once on the moon (this was way back in 1969)..then why didn't he go back again ? I mean with 35+ years of extended latest scientific technologies in their hands weren't the big shots at NASA curious enough to try it out once again to find something more interesting that the last mission couldn't? ... C'mon !

We all know how engineers are...heck half of us here are engineers...any true engineer has a curious and ego-driven would want to find the answer for himself especially when he has that kind of power in his hands... wait!!....those guys are engineers...right? ........or better yet be a patriot...try to go to the moon once again...and prove the questioning scoundrels wrong.
19 years ago
1. Sean Connery
2. .....
3. .....
4. .....
5. .....
6. .....
7. .....
8. Pierce Brosnon .... what are the other three names ?

The next bond role belongs to Hugh Jackman...
19 years ago
Try this pulls out jobs from various local jobsites/newspapers.

Good Luck!
19 years ago

Originally posted by Jesse Torres:

Can someone please provide a ranking that details American cities with good tech employment prospects?

Also how is the Tech employment market in Texas?



Verizon in Irving, TX is looking for software consultants...the pay isn't top-of-the-line but much better than many others.

Also, why don't you consider local newspapers/websites of smaller places. That's where the perm. positions are (assuming you are looking for them)...and they don't post on Monster, Hotjobs or Dice...

I studied in Texas for 4 years and was fed up of the heat and the unemployment...left and found a job in TN via a local website...worked there for 4 months...before moving back to TX with a job.

"The Grass is always greener on the other side"
19 years ago

Originally posted by nobu taku:
java and web development is very fast paced with new apis and tools coming out every month. it's tough to keep up and it would be great to go home and not have to study or do tutorials.

this makes me wonder about our system admin. he does backups, applies patches, creates accounts, configures servers, etc. as a developer, you need to have system admin knowledge to get anything done. why not take a break and enjoy life a little and take an easier career? paged at 2am because a system crashed? people constantly interrupting you.

system admin seems to have the right money/life/work balance.

I'll admit...5 years ago my thinking was just like yours. But like Mike ain't all so rosy for the sys admin fellas. A friend of mine almost got fired for not reporting to duty at 3AM on a saturday. Poor guy had a tough week ... he was so tired that he couldn't hear his pager beeping.

Also, don't forget that if something goes wrong the developers would be on the sys. admins. throat.

One terrific advantage is that unlike developers you'd have plenty of job security...and hell no ... its not low pay ...atleast not in every situation.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Fletcher Estes:
This might be an interesting thread to incite some flames! Within the IT industry, what career paths do we consider to be the most challenging? Which do we respect most? My list would look something like-

1. Software Architect
2. Programmer
3. Database Engineer
4. Business/Systems Analyst
5. Sys/Ops admin
6. QA Engineer

[ September 17, 2004: Message edited by: Fletcher Estes ]

IMHO, the value or relevance of job titles does not apply to the IT industry. For instance what does a "Web Programmer", "Web Developer" tell you ? ... nothing except that he uses some web-oriented scripting/programming languages...that ranges anywhere from simple HTML coding to JSP/Servlets and more.

Now consider an engineering company dealing with Electrical Fixtures. The guy who does the basic installation work is called "Electrical Technician" and the guy who designed the fixture would atleast be an "Electrical Engineer I".

The word "Engineer" from the beginning has been used very loosely in the software industry. I've known people with BA degrees working as "Software Engineers". But I can't find a single employee without an Engineering degree working as a "Electrical/Civil/Mechanical Engineer".

Software industry has a long way to go in fixing standards and titles (if they should be taken seriously) have to be fixed too.

Unless I know the duties of the job neither would I apply for one nor would I hire anyone (based only on his past titles).
19 years ago